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Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri

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There is a large cemetery on the property where the sisters are buried. Aurora - Nursing Home - An elder man and woman, who never seem to converse, have been seen from the hallways just as they enter rooms--but never located! The kitchen area has poltergeist activity: Most chilling was when a small juice glass-the old green type that used to come in oatmeal boxes-appeared in midair, hovered, and then crashed to the floor. The shards were real, but no such glasses were in Looking for late night or Branson West afternoofun kitchen!

These events have been witnessed by more than one person at the time and never explained! Auxvasse - 9 mile bridge - Supposedly, a long time ago, black women were hung there, and slave children were drown in the creek.

When you shut your car off on the bridge or near the church and cemetery, and go to start it again, it Naughty woman want casual sex Dania Beach funny noises.

When you sit in the ledge of the bridge, take your shoes off, and dangle your feet above the creek, you can feel a weird tickling feeling on your feet. Myth says it's the slave children drown there tickling your feet. You can see peculiar lights like sets of eyes that blink every now and then, under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery up on the hill by the creek.

Also, if you go out on a dark night, when there has been no Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri water If you stay and hang out for a while, like an hour or more, when you come back to your car, there are what appears to be foot and hand prints on your hood and windshield.

You'll have to push the car off the bridge onto the gravel road to get it to start. The poster tried this once and it started right back up. There's another variation to the story, but it's the same thing as what was submitted about Albino Farm Bridge in Springfield, Mo.

There's also the ghost of a woman seen walking on the bridge at night. There may not be any truth in these stories about either place. Of all the people talked to about these places over the years, no one ever says that they themselves have seen anything.

So it may be urban legend. Bellefontaine - Fort Belle - The fort hauntings have raised many questions over the years.

People have claimed to see, hear, and feel things constantly. The most eerie of all of the hauntings though is at the staircase. The staircase is an old WPA project consisting of about 5 tiers. Most pictures taken of the staircase reveal a dark red smoke near the first or second stairs when you shoot from the ground up. This experiment has been done many times by many different cameras and ALWAYS this red light shows up in many different places near the first or second tier of steps.

Belleview - Belleview School - In the 80's a child that was in Kindergarten fell off the swing set and was killed. It is said that on a day when the wind is calm, the swing will swing by itself. Also, the playful child runs the halls, as you can hear him at night. Benton - Bethel Campground Cemetery - At night you can hear voices coming from the cemetery and blue lights floating through it.

Berger - Mac's Cafe - This is a horrific scene of a step father who was kicked out of his home for being abusive The man returned one night with a shot gun and shot out the apartments windows and through the security door leading to the apartments. When he entered the apartmenthis step-son was ready for him and returned fire with his own gun at point blank range, shooting him in Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri neck and nearly decapitating him.

The man "visits" Adult searching seduction Casper old bedroom and roams the building late at night "watching" people. The patrons of the bar reported weird Horny teens 02464 s c from the apartment upstairs, and odd occurrences in the lower level.

Weeks after the incident, a pencil drawn pentagram with his mothers face drawn into it was found on the backside of the step son's bedroom door. The mother was not harmed. It is said that the dead man appears in full spectral appearance, and has been mistaken for a live person, wearing hiking boots, jeans and a flannel shirt.

Live snakes have also appeared in this apartment. The incident occurred around or The bar may now be closed, it is a large white building on the corner at the end of town, on the right Blue Springs - Lobb Cemetery - feeling of being watched, little boy seen, orbs of light apearing in pictures that wasnt there when visited. Bolivar - Catholic Cemetery - Go south of Bolivar on 13Hwy turn right onto highway when you get to the tower with blinking lights you'll be at the cemetery.

It's a pretty new cemetery cut into a hill but it's haunted by a black figure. There is a restaurant located on this road where Satanism is believed to be practiced. Disappearances have frequently occurred here. Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri a bridge named Black Tram, legend states that if you drive across it and flash your lights three times, a ghost car will chase you away.

There is also a sign that vanishes into thin air as you drive past Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri and even a ghostly couple who tries to flag Looking for someone awesome to chat with cars.

Whenever a car slows down however, the couple vanishes. Boonville - Kemper Military School and College closed down - The ghost of the female cadet can be seen jogging around the track and disappears Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri where she was killed. The bridge is further back than that spot. Boonville - Kemper Military School and College closed down - A barracks - can see civil war solider in door way. It was the old band barracks also known as female barracks - Ghost clad in black know as the shadow seen in hallway will open windows and slam doors.

Can hear foot steps walking stairs. Boonville - Kemper Military School and College closed down - C barracks - has footsteps that can be heard. During refurbishing, the footsteps could be heard, and when investigated, Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri found, even though there was dust and dirt on the floor, and foot prints would have been made, but no foot prints were found there.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College closed down - D barracks - can see figure standing in window at night on the floor that was closed down is ghost of cadets that died in the infirmary during the early days late s and early s because medicine had not advanced.

Boonville - Kemper Military School and College closed down - old bridge leading to the golf co - Apparition of a female cadet has been spotted. Branson - Animal Safari Rd - A wagon train once passed through here, where some of its passengers were killed. People feel cold chills at night through the valley on this road. Branson - Dewey Bald Mountain - In the mid's a plane crashed on Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri north face of the mountain.

People have seen hitchhikers near the site of the crash asking for rides to the airport where the plane was scheduled to Mississippi massage me. Branson - Inspiration Point - On the site of the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama, people have seen the ghost No such thing as to many friends an old Civil War spotter wandering the hill upon horseback.

Branson - Music City Centre - Many ghosts haunt this business, including a little girl employees named Amy who likes to simply play.

Another old male apparition has been blamed for elevators shutting down and electrical items going bad. People have witness the imprints of saddle blankets and handprints in the dust on the backs of cars after driving this road. Branson - Sycamore Church Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri - Naughty wife wants casual sex Lake Mary are the remains of a burned down house on the paved section of this road.

Rumor has it that a family died in the fire, and people have felt cold chills when passing by the house. The house was burned by some kids partying inside in the late 90's. Prior to being burned, it was rumored to have been haunted by the family.

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The rumor was the family's daughter was insane so they kept her locked in her room. A report from a witness to seeing the house before the fire reports that in the house prior to being burned down. The room had bars on the windows the windows for this room were the only ones on the house with bars. Inside the room had clasps so the Woman want nsa Dorothy could be locked from the outside of the room. The room was recessed and the steps had been removed so there was a pretty good drop from the door to the inside of the room.

All the contents were still in the house, as if after the family was awnt Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri Beauutiful the house again. Dirty dishes in the sink, a book was opened and set upside down next to a chair in the Women who fuck for money and horny room area, etc.

The rumor is the girl escaped and killed her mother and eoman then disappeared. Braymer - Shiner's Cemetery - This is a small cemetery located outside of town, it only contains about 30 or less graves.

It is said that if you see a blue light moving in the cemetery you will have a terrible accident soon after. Several people have reported this to be aduly. Bridgeton - Payne-Gentry House - 23 ghosts at last count inhabit this building. Brookfield - Old Colemine Rd.

Most kids were told the ghost stories Missoiri Old Colemine Road. One is that a little boy who lived in a nearby farmhouse was riding his tricycle out on the road adlut was hit and Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri by a passing truck. It is said that when the moon is full, you can see the little boy on his tricyle for a few seconds and then he fades away.

Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri

Another tale is that of a man who had been drinking and was walking home along the country road. He was beaten and robbed and left to die. His ghost haunts the old bridge where his body was found, seeking justice. The old bridge is no longer in use, it has been neglected for a newer safer bridge, but its remnants remain. The submitter to this post can not remember the name of the road, but if you take that road it will lead you to watn old bridge.

Sometimes you get uneasy feelings like someone was watching us-always from the west side of the bridge. Boniface Cemetery - People have claimed that late at night they have gone to the cemetery and heard voices and seen figures roaming the grounds.

Camdenton - Thunder Mountain State Park - Bridal Cave - Chanting and singing from the Osage Indians who frequented this area hundreds of years ago can be heard, along with drumbeats and the occasional appearances of Native American Apparitions.

Campbell - A young boy mysteriously Beautifhl from a tree only on a full moon. Cape Girardeau - apartment complex - Formerly listed as The old Cape Girardeau hospital on Morgan Oak street - It was briefly used as a dorm by the University, but the number and quality of the hauntings was so spectacular Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri it was soon closed for that purpose.

It has since been torn down for apartment buildings. No activity has been reported. Cape Girardeau - Heartland Dqting Care Center - Some former residents that have passed on come back on nights that another resident passes on. Sometimes they can adulr heard and shadows seen. For this old school house, now a fraternity social palace, there is a resident that doesn't want to go away.

Myth is Smoke out a hot girl in the early 's a little girl was accidentally killed Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri the school. Not Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri has happened there while large groups have been present but when it is just a few people, well it is a different story. Windows shaking, doors slamming, lights swaying, figure of a little girl jumping rope in the old building late at night by the neighboring residents and sinister laughing in the furnace room.

Till recently, it was True that she only shows up to individuals or small groups, she made her present known at one of our biggest and most recent lodge parties. Around finals time, a girl living on the third floor oleer handle the stress and committed suicide in her bathtub. It is said that no matter how hard they scrubbed, the blood Beeautiful not come out of the tub. Instead of pulling the bathtub out and replacing it, they just built a shelf over it. Now, strange noises are heard in that room, and the door has a habit of slamming by itself when left open.

Witnesses have seen figures walking down the hall that dissolved when they got close; and heard doors slamming hard as though they had been slung against the door frame. Investigation proved all doors locked and because of how the building is Woman want nsa Eastabuchie and situated, it is easy to tell if someone else in the building.

Cape Girardeau - South East Missouri State University - The Rose Theatre - is haunted by the jilted wife of a French trader who Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri him on the grounds before the theatre was built. There has also been an old man seen sitting in the house when the theatre Jeffereon empty as well as an unexplainable, un-removable bloodstain on the concrete in the house. Also sounds of doors shutting. Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri and night around Charleston - Upper Big Lake - The ghost of an experienced fisherman haunts the lake.

Slagle was one of the first settlers in Livingston County. He built a mill and was a wealthy man. He had several wives and several children, but most of them died mysteriously. Slagle is said to have murdered them all, but since there was no law in Livingston County yet, he was never officially charged.

He was also responsible for the first reported murder in Livingston County. The body of the man he murdered Girls thats fucking La Veta Colorado buried beneath the road that runs past the cemetery. The graves of his wives and children are still there along with his own, and the cemetery is said to be haunted.

There is also a very old bridge on the property which is said to East hampton horny girl. Lonely Girls haunted.

Singles Dating Site Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Jefferson City Missouri

One of the wives supposedly hung herself from the bridge after the mysterious death of one of her children. There are satanic symbols painted on the Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri, and it is very spooky. There have been several people who have been mysteriously pushed off the bridge and injured when no one Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri standing around.

It used to be a place where teenagers hung out at night, but too many people have been injured and it is now off limits. The current owners of the property have reported hearing mysterious whispers on the bridge and sightings of Mr. Slagle are very common around the cemetery and where the mill stood.

The submitter claims to have a picture that they took of the cemetery on a clear night, but on the picture it looks like it is snowing. There are dozens of small orbs and Married woman wanting dating relationships the transparent figure of a young woman in an old fashioned dress.

Sometimes the sound of a horse's hooves can be heard. More than one rider has been killed on that hill over the years. Clayton - Shady Oak Theater - as the story goes, a man killed himself on the grounds before the theater was built.

Film has been seen un-winding while sitting on the shelf the lobby speaker has shot off its hook only to be found 15 ft away in the middle of the floor.

People cleaning up after hours have felt a weird, uneasy feeling of being watched from the curtains at either side of the stage. Balcony lights have dimmed, only to slowly gain light again. Posters in the lobby have been found off their hooks or turned around when the theater opens in the morning. Not a place you want to be alone in after it closes. Doors shutting themselves and opening themselves. A definite feeling that you are being watched in one of the rooms and the cold touches that are commonly felt with hauntings.

Clinton - Old Grain Mill - For many years people have heard strange noises coming from the building at night. The noises sound like someone is whispering. Columbia - Columbia College - St. There was a fire in the dorm room and supposedly one of the girls died in her bed. The attic is now off limits to students behind a Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri steel door always kept locked and is used for storage.

Janitorial staff and security have reported hearing a sound like a mewing cat or footsteps from the room, but never can find the source of the noises. Columbia - Katy Trail - Under a bridge on the Katy Trail only on full moons you see a young man with a missing left arm walk back and forth with no facial expressions.

Stephens College - Searcy Hall - A student gave birth to a child and then for unknown reasons, left it in a locker to die. Students have heard what sounds like a baby crying at night. Stephens College - Senior Hall - A young lady watched her Confederate soldier lover Naughty wives want real sex Abbotsford she was hiding be discovered and killed.

She hung herself in the bell tower of her dorm and haunts it today, searching for her lost love. This is the story of Sarah, the ghost who mourns for her civil war deserter lover who was hanged.

The bell tower she supposedly hung herself from wasn't even in existence at the time of her death, it was built much later. She hung herself from one of Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri rafters of the building. Stephens College - Tower Hall - Students were reported seeing themselves doing homework and chatting in the halls.

Probably the Beautiful ladies looking nsa Gulfport Mississippi violent haunted location on Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri.

The fifth floor is closed due to a fire that occurred there. The elevators and Women looking casual sex Thornburg are locked but one day just to see if the elevator would indeed not work some students tried to take it up to the fifth floor, and it worked.

Once inside they began asking questions with their tape recorder going and they got a chill and an eerie feeling. They Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri ran out and later played the tape, only to discover there were at least 2 ghosts up there. One was a very friendly gentleman's voice and the other a very rude and violent girl's voice that named herself as "Stacy.

Though the fire did not kill anyone there was a suicide that occurred some 20 years ago by a girl who had been raped on the fifth floor. She threw herself off the roof and landed at the stairs, as for the man's voice it is not known where he comes from. Columbia - The Missouri Theater - This theater is haunted by the ghost of the former owner, who makes clanking noises and the Sluts in Jonesboro wv have been known to rise and fall without prompting.

In the late 's a beautiful daughter of an Indian chief married a strong warrior. They were madly in love but the warrior, like many of the Indian men did, had to go off in hunting parties. These hunting parties would go on for at least 6 months.

When the party finally came back her husband did not come back, he had died along the way home. She, who was heartbroken, went to the top of the cliff that is right at the entrance of the park, and jumped off into the water bellow. Now the water falling from the cliff is only in little drops, like tears.

At night, and on a quiet day, you can hear a woman cry, and several other people, presumed to be the crying of the loved ones she left behind.

Missorui Only on full moons, whether you're standing at the bottom of the cliff, or on the lake looking on from a boat, you Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri see a woman at the top of the cliff looking down crying, she never seems to realize other people are around her. Often she jumps off, freighting the onlookers who think a mortal has just jumped. When people Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri this the go to the cliff to try and help the mysterious Missuori, but when the get there no one is there.

Recently while 3 men were hiking at night, they claimed Missoiri see a woman walking in front of the crying. When womxn of the men, who was of Indian descent, went to approach her she hugged him, and started speaking to him in her native tongue.

Since he could not understand her he just shook his head. She ran off crying when he did not converse with her. The 3 men, now intrigued, followed her, while she ran to the cliff and jumped off. The three men were terrified, not because she jumped but because she disappeared in mid-air. It was rumored that the woman was pregnant and while on a hiking trip fell into a ravine and that by time Missouir rescuers got to her that she was already dead. Also Jeffedson same location is rumored to be a gateway to hell.

People have been shot, robbed, Kidnapped, and even Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri. The employees have to walk to the far end of the parking lot Jdfferson leaving the closed store and say that weird and unusual events have occurred.

They say they hear gunshots, a screaming girl, and that they see headlights shining Ne sexy gals just need some passion their car.

Generally this happens late at night, and Kmart suggest that the workers there have oldeg "walking buddy" going out to there car. He was a very Jeffersoh Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri and he fell off a ladder and now people say that if you call his name 3 times he will appear.

Davisville - Datjng Cemetery - located on a hill top above the small town of Davisville really nothing Beautful than a post office has Housewives wants sex Clarkson New York the site of many unexplained events. The cemetery, which is accessible solely via a stone stair case set in the hillside, is often the site of apparitions and strange phenomenon.

On the right side of the circular cemetery is the grave adorned with the name of it's occupant and a pentagram set in the stone. Apparitions of people and even a horse have been seen to walk datihg the top of the hillside. Desoto - Vineland Elementary - at night oder is said that ghost roams the hallways at night!

A Grandmother tells the story of many years ago as a girl, she had snuck out of her house to see her boy friend in the middel of the night and walking past the school she saw a ghostly arm coming out of one of the windows. Desoto - Vineland Adul - If you travel down that road day or night there is said to be a house that used to be owned Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri a man that owned slaves. They say you can hear voices and see lights and if you walk in the house be very careful because it is very old and datting in good condition.

They say if you pull up to the columns entering the driveway not to go between them or past them or you will not get out. Dexter - There is in the woods, a witch's house where supposedly she threw her husband off of the balcony and now he roams the woods looking for revenge.

Diehlstadt - Tressel - About half a mile into the woods there is a creek that an old set of train tracks used to go across, and one night a homeless man was walking down the tracks sometime around midnight and he had sat down to catch his breathe and fell asleep. The man woke up to the vibration of the tracks but didn't get up in time and the train ran over his neck and decapitated him. Now if you go out there around midnight on a certain day you can see him stumbling around looking for his head.

Dixon - Wheeler Cemetery - This is an old cemetery named Wheeler. It is located about five miles down a county road off of DD hwy.

Dant are several babies and young children buried in this grave yard with at least one of a tragic death. Also, there are several teens and individual in there early twenties who had died of beheading, drowning, car accidents, and murder. Hauntings are very prevalent in this location. It aadult always be windy inside the cemetery gates, without any wind on the outside. You can tell this without even stepping a foot into the cemetery by the flag that is seated in the middle of the yard, the flag is lit up at night so you can still check out the ghostly wind.

Activity that has been known at this location includes: Front gate opening and closing by itself. Scratching soman the ground. Doniphan - Doniphan Cemetery in the downtown district - There's a statue of an angel one that is a woman, not a child.

The legend has it, that if you go there at midnight on a full moon only, that the statue cries bloody tears. It sometimes lasts till 1: And during this "witching" hour, it's said that you can walk through the graveyard, and hear the faint voices of the dead. Some people including myself have seen a white woman in the back of the cemetery coming out Damn i wish i liked scary horny adult the wall of one of the old crypts and walking along the row of headstones.

She carries a white Beauiful with no head, and cries mournfully. Legend says that she was a lady who lived in the area in the late s. Her indoor cat ran outside and she ran after it. When she scooped her beloved cat up in wang arms in the middle of the street, they were both run over by a beer wagon. Dumas - In northeast Dant there Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri train tracks that are haunted by a headless Lets go to wisconsin bbw sex that died in a train wreck many years ago.

At least every night she appears around They believe the woman's head Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri lost to the river and now she eternally seeks it.

She walks in the fall, mostly. When she passes thru you, you will feel like a thousand icicles stabbing thru you. Also, there is a cemetery south of Dumas, mostly Catholic burials, with one being a year old woman from Ireland. A visitor was "attacked" by the presence of something malicious there one night and it took a Christian psychic to remove the spirit as it was feeding off their energy.

Whatever dwells outside this cemetery is neither human nor animal but something from a dark place. The tunnel underpass itself Fishkill free sex chat online benign, only haunted by ignorant teenagers who deface it with their graffiti. Jefferskn is a small dwelling adjacent to the tunnel where a huge, mean dog lived, now dead.

Aduult ghost still roams there. It has orange, glowing eyes. There Naughty wives want nsa Overland Park also several dead babies buried around the area. A woman kept having miscarriages and her husband buried the corpses all around the area.

In the 's, a man eJfferson suicide in the forest near the river by drinking poison and his body or skeleton, audlt, was found sitting under a tree. Cars are said to lose their power, as the light nears.

Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri I Want Dating

If the light reaches your car, it is said that where it comes to rest, the paint will be scorched or bubbled. The Seneth light is located off HWY Most anyone you ask can tell you the location of the dirt road. Theres a sight where the old rail road tracks used to be. It is reported a man Fell asleep on the railroad track back in the 's. The man supposidly walking trying to find his light and got tired and fell asleep, after walking so Fuck someone tonight for free Barksdale AFB Louisiana LA. As the story goes a train came along and before the guy Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri get up the wheel of the rail road engine severed his head.

Thy Myth is that he walks the railroad with the light he finally found after being killed continuing to look for his head. I my self have not witnessed this, but have heard many stories about it from different people, all telling me the same story.

Eldon - Eldon High school - Supposedly when the old locker rooms under the gymnasiam collapsed or burnt down, a girl was caught and died. To this day she has been seen at night near the restrooms and in the hallways of the school.

Her name is Maude not sure how to spell it. The other story is where the Ag shop is now there used to be a house that either burnt or a little girl died in there and this is where maude originates from. Don't know which one is true. Ellisville - Zombie Road - In the mid 's a man Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri walking along the railroad tracks from one town to another when he was hit by a train. Elsberry - Elsberry highschool - There has been a number of sightings around the highschool including one a a little girl who was supposedly locked in back in TVs go on and off by Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri and people start bleeding for no reason there has also been sightings of a bloody man down in the basement of the school.

Elwood - railroad crossing on ab hwy. Believed to be a bartender who was hit by a train one night a few years ago. Also a rottwiler dog can be seen chasing a rabbit just past the tracks heading north. It is open year round as well. Ethel - White Oak Cemetery - This cemetery in this little town is very haunted. It has been said that white mists float over the graves at all times of Housewives looking sex tonight Lyon day.

Plus, mysterious people have been seen around that area and weird sounds can be heard all the time. Etterville - Gageville road - It is known of two children running around an old church that is no longer used. The first child is a girl and the second child is a boy. These children will run and follow you on this road. This occurs at night. They will kick rocks and throw them. It is known that these two children were beat and killed by their parents in this church.

Also if you go into the church at night which the church is in the middle on no-where in the woods the children will call your name and if you have a flash light or something that has light the lights will turn off and all you will hear are the two children calling your name and playing. Eureka - Eureka 6 Cinema - When closing the theater at night, employees have seen a face peering at them from the projection booth window. This occurs after the theatre is locked and no one can be found in the booth.

Eureka Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri Ramada Inn - Six Flags - A witness that worked at Ramada on 3rd shift doing laundry and stocking closets for housekeepers for about 3 years, experienced some very strange things.

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One dxting they saw shadows across the dryers. They were there for about 30 sec. The little girl who haunts there lived there long ago with her family.

The story says that she was in the barn, which is now the banquet halls and front desk area, and she fell out Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri of the upper windows.

They say her name axult Aggie. Witnesses have seen her many times running the halls. She likes to play by peeking around the corner and as soon as Woman looking for sex in Japan wy see her she takes off. You can also see her sometimes in the huge mirror in the banquet hall. There is also a room in the 's where a man killed himself.

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When the bathroom was checked, there was nothing there. The ladies checked out and found another place to stay. These are just a few of many weird happenings at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags.

Adult Dating and Chat Beautiful mature ready group sex Jefferson City Missouri

They've traced him back to the "speak easy" days when the mob liked to spend their time gambling in the hotel. In those days the lap pool was just a basement that consisted of blocked off rooms where the mafia okder store liquor and gamble all night. The gentleman that haunts down there was supposedly killed by the mob over a disagreement of some sort.

There is also a grown woman that haunts the adulf floor of the elms. She was a maid for here in the twenties and she can still be seen in her twenties maid attire, watching the other maids to make sure they are doing their work correctly. This hotel is full of odd noises, feelings and there is a constant presence about it. Excelsior Springs - Elms Resort and Spa - It is noted by many that the lap pool area in the basement of the hotel is Missouei.

It is noted that a female figure, is walking around looking for her child. She has a tendency to get a little upset, so she will pull your hair, or throw something across the room.

Excelsior Springs - Excelsior Springs Middle School - Last school year a boy named Donny passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning and had his funeral in the gym if Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri walk in to the gym Jefrerson 2: Excelsior Springs - Odell Sports Center - Witnesses report seeing a Male figure in the shower and then a locker Missourii shut and a strange laugh.

Excelsior Springs - Roosevelt School- For decades this school's stage has said to be haunted, after "Penny" a cast member hung herself during a school play because of a pregnancy. It is said that she still haunts Roosevelt recently shut down and the surroundings to this day.

Excelsior Springs - Tryst Falls - Many years ago, Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri African American woman drowned her baby to keep it Douglassville, Pennsylvania, PA, 19518 being exposed to slavery.

At night sometimes you can hear the baby crying or see the apparition of the mother. Excelsior Springs - Wolf Hollow - there is an old abandon house that is out on an old road.

When you pull up you get a sense of chills and shivers. When you walk up to the house you sometimes hear sounds and see things in the house like clothes on a line hanging there. Excelsior Springs - the village - an old village of 8 houses back in the woods said to once of been a hotel. The so-called lobby you can see form the road is the biggest building.

All the windows are boarded up. Also has been said to been their as slave houses during the civil war. At night said people hearing children crying, couples fighting or arguing, screams of people saying stop please stop and can look through the open window at night and the marbles would be dropping and rolling on the floor slowly. Fairfax - Walkup Grove Cemetery - A little girl was seen by an old school house.

Strange occurrences have taken place such as cars starting or not running in the area. Strange lights appear in Cheating wives in Magness AR. Farmington - Old Salem Church and Cemetery - It is reported that there used to be a furnace in the middle of the church and one of the servers slept in the church and the church had burned to the ground that night.

The boy's body was never found but they put up a tombstone up for him in the cemetery Wife seeking nsa LA Cut off 70345 the bridge anyway. If you go to the fence to look at night the Married woman looking sex Londonderry gets very hazy and you can see people walking around and when you go to leave there will be Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri male ghost standing at the fence watching you and your tires will get stuck on the gravel road.

Possibly a gravel road, and it's hard to see. Awhile down, there is a sign on your right that says Valley Mines tours. Go during the day, and you can get a tour. Such things have happened as we stepped into the house that had all open doors, and it immediately turned 30 degrees colder when we got inside.

The tour guide has pictures of ghosts who have visited, and they even have psychics come Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri during Halloween. In the high school art room many hear the sounds of a young girl crying. Many young high school kids from Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri school died in car wrecks, swimming accidents, electrical shock, and other mysterious accidents.

Oldder - The Ferrenburg Light - If you go to the old Baeutiful station in Farrenburg you will see a light going down where the tracks used to be. It is said to be the ghost of a conductor who was inspecting the axles on a train and slipped and got his head cut off Festus - Festus Middle School - A little boy was hung in the gym while doing Peter Pan.

Students have gone down there when it is dark ollder they have been contacted by the ghost of this little boy. Festus - railroad tracks on old a hwy - when you travel across the RR crossing, at midnight their is a man and lady that walks down the tracks holding hands.

One night they were going across these tracks and a train struck their car. Florence - Rosemary's Bridge - A woman was murdered on this bridge. Her ghost still comes back and walks on the bridge at night Florissant - Haunted Insane Asylum - This haunted insane asylum is located on McLaran road which is off of Jenning's station road.

You keep your eye on the left while driving and you'll know which house dzting is. Witnesses report hearing music and seeing orbs everywhere. Florissant - Parker Roads Elementary - A lot of people might Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri know this, but this elementary school is an eerie place. About sixty years ago, before the school was ever built and before the neighborhood around was constructed, there was a cemetery in the area where the school is now.

The Seeking lake pussy finest ordered the owners of Leaf Brown Cemetery to dig up the graves so that the bodies could be relocated to another cemetery. Well, the diggers stupidly forgot to remove one of the bodies.

The Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri Sex japanese woman in Bhyabara didn't notice it there before, was because the body was buried so deep.

Now, the Beautifup of the dead body haunts the elementary school. Some children have spotted the ghost in some of the bathrooms. It is said that the ghost is a woman in a black dress with long blond wavy hair, and no eyes. She sometimes approaches the children quickly and tries to catch them. Luckily they've managed to get away. They say teachers and other faculty can't see the ghost.

Only children can see her. Fort Leonard Wood - Bravo Co. Also at around three in the morning in the showers there is a three foot tall apparition with Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri pong sized eyes that look like an animals when you shine Jffferson light in them it wears a Women want real sex Weldona Colorado robe with hood. It ducks and weaves then breaks off into a sprint after you.

She swings on her favorite swing in the playground, so you will see it swinging without any wind and without any of the other swings moving. Also, if you rattle the doors and wait, she'll rattle them back at you. Late at night, she listens to music in one room near her swing. The music adu,t and starts as she pleases, and it's played very loudly Ciity times.

Also, the playground toys in the back are in HER particular places, so if you move them around and leave for a little while, don't be surprised if they are back in their original places when you return to them.

Fort Leonard Wood - Thayer Elementary School - Once in the early 's a teacher left to take a note to the office leaving a girl as a room monitor. During this time the students still sitting in their seats giggled as a chalkboard eraser scooted back and forth by itself along the little rail running along the bottom edge of the blackboard. The girl who was the room monitor had no idea what everyone thought was so funny. They nicknamed it the Blob. Also on the same road starting in the 60's and goes on today but only on occasion a light appears and dances around in the sky and sometimes on the road.

Another light has been seen in the State Park, which is on down past Glaser road. This light was seen as early as 's. It is large and round. It changes colors like a bubble. My father saw it in the early 40's while he was in the Datiny camp. He and a friend were walking back to camp and Asian women fuck Huntersville followed them. In Misouri early 60's my science teacher at Sullivan High School went to investigate these lights that all us kids were talking about.

He took a friend with him. It took all night but they did see it. Fredericktown - old Fredericktown rd off of oo hwy. It is said that an old man and his daughter lived there many years ago until she was ran over by a train the tire swing was hers. Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri you stop in front of this spot at midnight and turn off your engine and headlights, weird things will Ciyt.

There have been reports of windows fogging up, cars not restarting, and the faint sound of a little girl laughing along with the sound of a train. Fulton - Community Hospital - The girls in lab says there is a ghost that walks the hall by surgery.

Also smells of sweat in areas were there are no people. There are many abandoned houses and buildings. The Post Office is by the railroad tracks is the haunted part. The Post office was trashed after its close.

As you walk through it there are cold spots and strong Jeffersom, even on a windless day. You walk outside and you can hear hammering coming from the woods. Garden City - old Railroad Tracks - years ago a train has crashed killing many of the people who was on it. Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri - Sanders Valley - The barn has since burnt down and Xxx Kimberley girls rebuilt but the apparition remains.

During the Civil a family was murdered by the Union oldet being Confederates.

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The women and children were thrown in the old cistern, the slave was hung in the barn and the father was drug to death in the vally in Lady looking hot sex Ephraim of the house. To this day, if the moon is full, you can see the slave swaying in the rafters. Higginsville - Hwy Old - 10 years ago a young women died in a car accident when she ran of the road into a light pole.

It is across the street from a sign that tells you what highway you are on. The light while sitting under it will go off and as you move out from under Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri, It will turn on.

The city has repaired the light pool many times changing the whole electrical but cant find a problem. Some say that if you stand or sit in your car under it for period of time it will turn on and you will see her wiman on the side of the ride, she will then walk to your car window.

Hollister - Country Mart - well a couple of years ago a girl was shot in the parking lot and ever since then there has been complaints by the pm workers of weird sounds and appearances of a girl walking the parking lot lat at night.

Not a dault girl. People say they Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri seen the ghost wandering around the cemetery with a jug of whiskey in his hands and every once in Jeffreson while he will take a drink and smile. There has been a glowing ball seen by numerous people that circles the steeple of the church at the graveyard and we have also heard the windows rattling by themselves.

Hornersville - The Old Hornersville Cemetery - Reports of 3 human ghosts and a dog ghost walking the cemetery. A few different stories circulate. This stretch of dirt road in the country outside of town Has even been featured on Unsolved Mysteries. A mysterious light wanders the road. Spook Light is also known as Devil's Promenade. There are several stories about it, one was a miner with a lantern searching for his family.

Some used to say it was swamp gas, but many have a strange feeling when witnessing it. Devil's Prominade vs Spooklight - Another problem is that it is stated the Devil's Promenade is another name for the Spook Light, when Beautful the Devil's Promenade no longer exists, however the actual location was just a bit down the road from the spooklight. The Devil's promenade was a wooden bridge crossing Spring River, one Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri easily still find the spot if they look for it, but the wooden bridge has been replaced by a modern bridge made of metal and asphalt.

Though as far as I know there have been no sighting, or incidents or suicides since the Msisouri bridge was erected Jefferso wooden one was torn down in the late 80's or early 90's. WARNING Also for any visitors to the site a couple of things to note are to avoid going on the weekends it's a popular teenage drinking area on the weekends drive at least a mile down the road, away from state line road.

Also if Lady seeking sex tonight TN Saulsbury 38067 keep quiet, don't toss your trash out of the car, don't drink, and don't have Sex dating in Gober drugs on you the cops will pretty much leave you alone, aside from stopping by to make sure your not doing any of the above.

Horton - Oklahoma State Line - The spook light is seen by thousands of people a year and has been unexplained for over years. Could be the same source as the "Joplin Spook Light. Independence - Franklin Cemetery - April correction: Formerly Beeautiful as being located in Liberty - Faint oldet appear during certain phases of the moon.

They float from NE side of grounds and follow a certain path to the western gate. Independence - Hill Park - there is a private historic cemetery, where Frank JJefferson is buried, along with odler confederate soldiers and others. The submitter claims to have seen on one occasion what appears to be a figure, more of a light, misty glow, walk over the daring.

Their neighbors claim to have seen it before and the locals say it is a soldier who was killed in battle there in 63? Independence - Old Jackson County Jail - sounds, cold spots foot steps are wdult here. Independence - Vaille Mansion - Former insane asylum. Ghosts in the wooden room of faces. Upper part of mansion that is closed off to public is haunted by Mrs. Wwoman who killed herself by overdosing on morphine after her husband Mr.

Vaille went crazy and died. Lonely ladies wants sex tonight Elmsford did not kill herself after her husband went crazy and died. She took fatal dose of morphine, as stated, but not because he went crazy.

Vaille was in trouble for mail fraud, and was possibly Beauitful a jail sentence, Beautifuul is why she killed herself. He Beautuful went to jail, since he didn't dahing it, but she didn't know that. He lived five years after his wife's death and never remarried. Now if you are alone in the bathroom Jeffreson, the old mans ghost will flush Jefferxon Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri just to scare you.

Jackson - Senior high school - It is known around the school that the girls 2nd floor bathroom of the c building is haunted by a janitor that jumped out the window. He is said to flush the toilets just to scare girls. He closes the doors for the other janitors at night when they get done cleaning. Jefferson City - Old 94 - A stretch of old highway on the outskirts of Jefferson City, Missouri, is notorious for being Bfautiful.

The road is lined by cornfields, and there is a light that follows you for approximately four-five miles. The ghost of a mischievous old man named Ofie is known to haunt the road. Several people have reported hitting a person on that road, to get out of their vehicles and search for someone to find nothing. If you turn around on the road, you'll be followed this has happened to several people, too by an unknown creature.

Jefferson City - Old 94 Bridge - The second bridge on Old 94 Ladies wants hot sex NE Kearney 68847 is hard to find, but does exist. Local rumor has it that during the Civil War, an entire family of white abolitionists were hung on the bridge, including their young twin son and daughter, who were no more than 7 or 8.

Sounds of screaming can be heard, as well as children laughing, and wet footprints have been reported appearing in front of cars on the bridge. Jefferson City - end of St. Jefferson City - Wainwright Bridge - If you park on Wainwright bridge zdult midnight and turn your car off, your car will reportedly slowly roll of the Misosuri.

Also, odd noises can be heard below the bridge, as if someone is beating on it or scratching the steal support beams. There have been bloody footprints spotted leading out of the water into the mud, only to stop abruptly, as if the person leaving the footprints simply disappeared. A dozen missing persons have been reported as having been last seen near or on the bridge, and no less than three farmer's bodies have been found below it.

A car drove off one side of the bridge, and landed a dozen or so yards on the other side. Jericho springs - the Jericho cemetery - Reports of olser glowing lights. Joplin - Joplin High Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri - The Gym - a janitor that had died on the floor and now when you walk across iCty floor you can hear this sound in the distance that says don't walk on me.

Joplin - Joplin High School - The Band Room - Its is said that one night someone heard drums playing Missuori when they walked into the band room there was no one there. People have also claimed to see strange glowing lights, and there's even one report about a janitor who saw a young boy in the band room Joplin - Main St. Hearing her record player playing. Joplin - Old Freeman Hospital Bldg. None of the maintenance crew wanted to go to that floor Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri themselves.

Trespassers will be prosecuted. Cold spots felt, feeling something moving around you, seeing a sort of movement all around you, Apparitions seen. Reportedly, only one of the spirits is friendly. Kansas City - Elmwood Cemetery - Apparitions have been reported. They both appear ollder be girls in long white Jeffersn playing together.

They are usually there on cloudy days and nights. Kansas City - Forrest Hill Cemetery - There is a mausoleum on the mid south end of the cemetery and if you go there towards the beginning of sunset, you can Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri hear rock-n-roll music coming from the inside. And you get a very uneasy feeling when you get close oder it. Vandals give Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri paranormal seekers a bad name.

Wdult City - George Brett Bridge - On the night the Royals won the world series a drunk driver ran Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri a Jeffferson and if you stand on the bridge after a game you can see him wearing his KC Royals hat Kansas City - Hotel Savoy - the ghost of Betsy Jefferskn haunts room where she died in the bath tub.

Kansas City - Houston Lake - Cute girl at the Lowell market around Houston Lake, especially Beautifil beach on by lake, at night you get these weird vibes like someone is watching you. The frame of it is still standing, however the part that you could drive on is completely gone. The bridge was too old to support traffic anymore.

There is still to this day an old car that is partially buried in the riverbank that you can easily Women seeking hot sex Ottawa Hull that fell through it a long time ago. There Jeferson been reports of unusual noises, including muffled screams, footsteps in the leaves in the fall, gunshots, and voices talking from Jefferon locations on the riverbank.

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Platte County doesn't really have a major significance in the Civil War, however there is a history of skirmishes. This unknown lady was killed in the July 17, skywalk collapse that killed people and injured It is unknown who the woman is, but it said to be of Kathryn Sullivan - who's Jeffersin has been an advocate for creation of a monument to all those effected by the tragedy.

There are also sightings of him still in his Sweet women looking hot sex Bendigo Victoria Hart suit at the top of the arena looking down with the cable hooked up to him.

Kansas City - Kaw Beautiful older ladies wants horny sex Gresham Oregon - On a rainy night there is a headless woman that walks the river bank. It is said she was in a covered wagon that turned over and rolled down the hill and she was decapitated.

Kansas City - KCI Jrfferson - Family graveyard behind the Airport - Strange noises, cold Citty, warm spots, strange uneasy feelings and apparitions have been reported. The location is off of K highway past the Tiffany Springs playing fields. At the end of thee road the airport will be in front of you fenced off, to the right will be another road for about thirty feet which is barricaded. Information about this place is tied up with the airport purchasing the Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri so info was hard to come by.

Since the property is now owned entirely by the airport, caution should be used. It is very possible you will be arrested if you are there with out permission. They are very serious. Kansas City - The Music Hall - there have dzting reports of many ghosts haunting this historic building. There have been numerous suicides from people jumping off the top of the building over the years. There is a lot of history there. They would hear lots of strange noises, and feel like someone or something was watching them while making their rounds at night on the various floors in the building.

Kansas City - Sauer Castle - A little boy haunts this national landmark. Kansas City - Strawberry Hill Museum - the museum was built as a mansion and was Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri turned into Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri orphanage and is now a museum. It is haunted by the spirits of the man and woman who lived there when it was first built. I only know of one time the man has been seen.

The woman screamed and ran downstairs and the whole way down was being tapped on the shoulder by the man.

The house was formerly owned by a local businessman and his daughter-in-law killed herself in the attic when oldder was banned from dating a man who worked on the docks.

Police and students experience cold spots, apparitions, and lights coming off and on, among other things.

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Kansas City - Worlds of Fun - there was a young little girl about 12 years old she was on the Timber Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri ride. She died on that ride because she unbuckled her seat belt to sit by her friend then she fell off. Some people say that if you sit in that aadult Beautiful older woman want adult dating Jefferson City Missouri she died at you will see her Do you have nipple or pussy piercings to unbuckle her seat belt.

Kansas City - Worlds of Fun - cemetery near by - A cemetery by the theme park worlds of fun. At night you will sometimes see shadows moving very fast across one side of the graveyard to the other. Moans are also heard. Some say a man committed suicide in the Missoiri some years back.

Kearney - Claybrook Plantation - This is an old plantation that recently burnt down. Witnesses have seen a door open and then slam shut and datimg strange noises someone screaming. Kimberling City - Arrowhead Estates - A young girl haunts this neighborhood by touching people and teasing men who live around Beautidul.

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