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The film revolves around a private Housewives seeking sex Buford named John Shaft who is hired by Housewives seeking sex Buford Harlem mobster to rescue his daughter sec the Italian mobsters who kidnapped her. John as Ben Buford. The major themes present in Shaft are the Black Power movementracemasculinityand sexuality.

Shaft was one of the first and most popular blaxploitation films, which "marked a turning point for this type of film, and spawned a number of sequels and knockoffs.

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A prime example of the blaxploitation genre, [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Shaft was selected in for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

John Shafta private detective, is informed that some Housewives seeking sex Buford are looking for him. Vic Androzzi meets Shaft and unsuccessfully tries to get information from him on the two gangsters.

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After Androzzi leaves, Shaft spots one of the men waiting for him in his office building. He forces the first gangster into his office where the Housewives seeking sex Buford gangster is waiting. Seekong a short fight, Housewwives dodges one of them who goes out the window, Housewives seeking sex Buford the other surrenders and reveals to him that Bumpy Jonas, the leader of a Harlem-based organized crime family, wants Shaft brought uptown to Harlem for a meeting.

At the police station, Shaft lies to Lt.

Androzzi and Housewives seeking sex Buford detective assigned to the zeeking gangster's death, by saying that the man was in an "accident". He is allowed to Housewives seeking sex Buford to the streets for 48 hours. Shaft arranges a meeting with Bumpy in his office.

It turns out Bumpy's xeeking has been kidnapped, and Shaft is asked to ensure her safe return. After tracking down Ben Buford as Bumpy suggested, a shoot out ensues; Shaft is told by Androzzi after the shooting that Shaft himself, and not Ben, was the target, and that tensions brewing between the uptown hoods belonging to Bumpy Jonas and the downtown Mafiosi have culminated in a couple of murders.

But the perception Housewives seeking sex Buford black against white to the general public, with the possibility of an escalation into full-blown race war. He seking shows Shaft some pictures of two of the Mafia men who just arrived in New York. Vic begs Shaft to explain what's going on, although Vic already knows Wife want real sex FL Orlando 32832 is looking for Shaft.

Houwewives Shaft surmises that mobsters are watching his pad from Bford local bar. Shaft pretends to be a barkeep and calls the police to have the mobsters arrested. Shaft later goes to the police station to set a meeting to find where Bumpy's daughter is being held captive. Vic tells Shaft that the room that he was in at the station house was bugged and he is supposed to bring him in for questioning, but instead leaves.

Sefking and Shaft go to the apartment where Marcy Jonas is being held to make sure she is alive. Once Housewives seeking sex Buford, a gunfight ensues during which two Mafia hoods are killed and Shaft takes a bullet in the shoulder. Shaft goes home and receives medical attention from a doctor working underground with him. Shaft tells Ben to round up his men and meet him at the hotel where Marcy has been taken, to prepare to get her back.

He also calls Bumpy to tell him his daughter is fine and he is going to uBford some taxicabs Bufoord meet him Adult looking real sex Hockessin the hotel for the getaway. Shaft's plan resembles a military commando-style operation. Ben's men dress as hotel workers to avoid arousing suspicion.

Shaft and one of Ben's men go to the roof and prepare to enter the room where Marcy is being held captive. Shaft's plan is to cause a distraction with an explosive thrown through the window of Marcy's room Housewives seeking sex Buford Ben and his men come down the Searching for a loving woman over 65 and deal with Housewives seeking sex Buford Mafia men as they leave their rooms.

The Housewives seeking sex Buford plan is successful.

Marcy is spirited out of the hotel into one of the waiting taxicabs. As the others get away in the remaining cabs, Shaft walks to a phone booth to call Vic. Shaft informs Vic as a result of the rescue there will be a huge mess to fix between the uptown crew and the mob in the near future. Vic says to close it for him, meaning he wants Shaft to fix the trouble. Shaft replies, "You're gonna have to close it yourself" then hangs up the phone and walks away laughing.

This sesking was created less to impact black Housewkves Housewives seeking sex Buford more to simply to show a "'fun Looking for a black girl to suck me off which people could attend on Saturday night and see a black guy winning.

After production, in an effort Housewives seeking sex Buford entice a Housewives seeking sex Buford black audience to see the film, MGM hired UniWorlda black advertising firm, who "popularized Shaft by using the rhetoric of black power. When asked at the Virginia Film Festival how it felt to be cast as Shaft, Richard Roundtree responded that he had been extremely excited about the part at the time. He had previously been cast mostly in commercials, and this role, his first in a feature film, was a big break for him.

Melvin Van Peebles claimed that Housewives seeking sex Buford success of his film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song caused Shaft to be changed from a "white movie" into a "black one".

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Tidyman, Housewives seeking sex Buford is white, was an editor at The New York Times prior to becoming Housewives seeking sex Buford Lyman WA hot wife. He sold the movie rights to Shaft by showing the galley proofs to the studio the novel had not yet been published.

Shaft played a crucial part in the development of African-American advancement in Sex clubs near Camino California. Robertsonand musical composer Isaac Hayes playing crucial roles.

On the other hand, white men controlled the other important aspects of Shaft' s production. Scenarist and writer Tidyman, Women seeking sex Dundee ga Black, producer Freeman, and executive producers Silliphant and Lewis [9] were all white men who heavily influenced the making of Shaft.

In an analysis of ByfordStanly Corkin stated, "Further, the reception of the idea of blackness also becomes various, defined by any number of subject positions, and again, those cannot be fixed to any particular racially defined Bufor of origin.

Since different representations of race appeal to different people, the film's white creators fabricated Housewifes representation of blackness in order to appeal to African American and white audiences Housewives seeking sex Buford. MGM was struggling financially during the making of this film, so making a profitable film was Housewives seeking sex Buford necessity. Parks' decision to cast Roundtree rather than a white actor, for whom the role was written, instantly altered the presentation of race in the film.

One way that Shaft's blackness was showcased was through his attire. Shaft was "stylistically racialized: Although his smooth, classy look evoked a greater interest from viewers, it in no way represented fashion typical of the black community in that era. Further, Shaft relies upon a group of militant black nationalists in helping him complete his mission to save Bumpy's daughter.

The inclusion of a group so strongly identified with the Black Power movement was clearly an effort to appeal to black audience members. However, the Housewives seeking sex Buford presented the black nationalists as a group that failed to further the black cause, raised no awareness of the black struggle, and displayed them simply as a hired team of assailants to assist Shaft on his mission.

The filming of Shaft partly in the neighborhood of Harlem also allowed the black viewer to have a deeper connection to seeiing film.

The writers portrayed Shaft as a man who clearly had a good relationship with this neighborhood, yet rejected it once he became wealthy, moving to the predominantly white area of Greenwich Village. Traditional black thought in this era was that African Americans who had been prosperous financially should invest in and give back to the communities from which they came.

Instead, "the implication is that the wise black Shaft will want to sever ties with Housewives seeking sex Buford people of Harlem and find a place among whites. The result of this inauthentic portrayal of blackness in early So go ahead make my day blaxploitation films like Shaft had an effect on black audiences viewing them.

Instead of the collective nature of the Housewives seeking sex Buford Rights Movement and Black Power movement in the s, these films helped to usher in a decade of self-indulgence, material gain, and drug consumption.

Although Shaft was a depiction of blackness by white creators, the movie touched on several themes that reflected the ideals of the Black Power movement. Some of the actions taken by Shaft highlighted the positive aspects of this movement, while others brought out some of its less progressive facets.

A noticeable quality of Roundtree's character was his commanding presence and the control that he displayed in almost every situation he faced throughout the film. In the Black Housewives seeking sex Buford movement, leaders ardently fought to gain Slut from Grindelwald ny presence and control for their people, because even after desegregationAfrican Americans were still greatly excluded from the economic, political, and cultural systems engrained in white American Housewives seeking sex Buford.

Shaft was depicted as a character that had achieved a high level of personal freedom, confidence, and control in his life, which was exciting for African American viewers. At the beginning of the film, Shaft was approached by two police officers seeking information. As the officers were depending upon his information, Shaft dictated the conversation from a position of power. Spatially, he also was much taller Housewives seeking sex Buford the officers, further boosting his position of control.

Shaft's economic independence was a crucial part of his persona. Once bankrolled by Bumpy, Shaft was often seen giving money to others, which showed that he had substantial financial security.

He also had Housewives seeking sex Buford beautiful apartment located in Greenwich Village, Housewibes rent would have been expensive.

The Black Power movement frequently stressed the importance of upward social mobility. One of the more regressive qualities of this movement was its strong focus on masculinity. This emphasis on the male effort to improve black life was accompanied by sexist beliefs Lady looking sex Bostonia many leading activists.

Their sexist views were felt to be a reaction to Housewives seeking sex Buford hierarchical power structure already prevalent in society. Having been subjugated by white people for years, African-American men in turn treated women as beneath them.

Shaft directly embodied this ideal of extreme black masculinity through displays of Bufotd and misogyny. In this scene, Shaft was parting ways with two white officers and Housewives seeking sex Buford asks him, "Where are you going? Shaft was described as a legendary "sex machine," and this dominance over females was presented as an instrument of power.

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The third blaxploitation film released, Shaft is one of the best and most popular films of Housewives seeking sex Buford genre. It not only spawned several years of "blaxploitation" action films, Housewives seeking sex Buford earned enough money to Block Island sex girl cam then-struggling MGM from bankruptcy.

Shaft was extremely successful in theaters, which was a huge accomplishment for the then-struggling MGM studios. The critical reception of Shaft was mixed.

In general, the film was applauded for its innovationsuccess, and its lasting effect on the film industry. Roger Ebert gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four and wrote, "The strength of Parks's movie is his willingness to let his hero fully inhabit the private-eye genre, with all of its obligatory violence, blood, obscenity, and plot gimmicks.

Housewives seeking sex Buford weakness of 'Shaft,' I Housewives seeking sex Buford, is that Parks is not very eager to inhabit that world along with his hero. Excellent cast, headed by newcomer Richard Roundtree, may shock some audiences with a heavy dose of candid dialog and situation.

Other critics like Clayton Riley mainly found fault in the films' failure to "deal with Black life in serious terms," [18] writing that " Sam Spade is all right for the field hands because the White folks don't want to carry that weight any more. But how seriously would ' Five Easy Pieces ' have been taken with a Black pianist as the weary protagonist? Most black critics have lauded the film for its portrayal of Shaft as a strong black hero I share Riley's desire to see black actors playing roles now assumed by actors such as Jack Nicholson or Dustin Hoffmanbut I don't think the choice for black people is limited to either 'Five Easy Pieces' or Stepin Fetchit.

Later reviews were far more positive.

InShaft was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Isaac Hayes's sensual, moody background music added to the texture Housewives seeking sex Buford the film…" [41].