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Jackson's theory regarding rotation of office generated what would later be called the spoils system. InCongress had approved Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio " Tariff of Abominations ", which set the tariff at an historically high rate. Southern planters, who sold their cotton on the world market, strongly opposed this tariff, which they saw as favoring northern interests. The South now had to pay more for goods it did not produce locally; and other countries would have more difficulty affording southern cotton.

The issue came to a head during Jackson's presidency, resulting in the Nullification Crisisin which South Carolina threatened disunion. The South Carolina Exposition and Protest ofsecretly written by Calhoun, asserted that their state had cazual right to "nullify"—declare void—the tariff legislation of Although Jackson sympathized with the South in the tariff debate, he also vigorously supported a strong union, with effective powers for the central government.

Jackson attempted to face down Calhoun over the issue, which developed into a bitter rivalry between the two men. One incident came at the April 13,Jefferson Day dinner, involving after-dinner toasts. It must Taken for granted want more preserved! Calhoun clarified his position by responding "The Union: Next to our Liberty, the most dear!

Calhoun's and Jackson's relationship deteriorated further. By Februarythe break between Calhoun and Jackson was final. Responding to inaccurate press Women looking hot sex Henry Virginia about the feud, Calhoun had published letters between him and Jackson detailing the conflict in the United States Telegraph.

Eqton and Calhoun began an angry correspondence which lasted until Jackson stopped it in July. After it sided with Calhoun on nullification, Jackson needed a new organ for the administration. He enlisted the help of longtime supporter Francis Preston Blairwho in November established a newspaper known as Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Washington Globewhich from then Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio served as the primary mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.

Jackson supported a revision to tariff rates known Woman want sex East Livermore the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio of It was designed to placate the nullifiers by lowering tariff rates. It passed Congress on July 9 and was signed by the president on July The bill ultimately failed to satisfy extremists on either side.

Navy warships to Charleston harbor, and threatened to hang any man who worked to support nullification Fuck buddy i Columbus al secession. Senator for South Carolina. Hayne in the Senate, who would then become governor. Hayne had often struggled to defend looklng on the floor of the Senate, especially against fierce criticism from Sxe Daniel Webster of Massachusetts. In DecemberJackson issued a resounding proclamation against the "nullifiers," stating that he considered "the power to annul a law of the United States, assumed by one State, incompatible with the existence of the Union, contradicted expressly by the letter of the Constitution, unauthorized by its spirit, inconsistent with every principle on which it was founded, and destructive of the great Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio for which it was formed.

Jackson also denied the right of secession: To Sexy sluts in Swans island Maine that any State may at pleasure secede from the Union is to say that the United States are not a nation. Jackson asked Congress to pass a " Force Bill " explicitly authorizing the use of military force to enforce the tariff.

It was introduced by Senator Felix Grundy of Tennessee, and was quickly attacked by Calhoun as "military despotism.

A bill sponsored by the administration had been introduced by Representative Gulian C. Verplanck of New York, but it lowered rates more sharply than Clay and other protectionists desired. Clay managed to get Calhoun to agree to a bill with higher rates in exchange for Clay's opposition to Jackson's military threats and, perhaps, with the hope that he could win some Southern votes in his next bid Ladifs the presidency. Calhoun, Clay, and several others marched fasual of the chamber in opposition, with the only dissenting vote coming from John Tyler of Virginia.

He looling both bills on March 2, starting with the Force Bill. The next pretext will be the negro, or slavery question.

Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the subject of foreign affairs in his First Annual Address to Congress, Jackson declared it to be his "settled purpose to ask nothing that is not clearly right and to submit to nothing that is wrong.

When Jackson took office, spoliation claims, or compensation demands for the capture of American ships and sailors, dating from the Napoleonic eracaused strained relations between the U. The French Navy had captured and sent American ships to Spanish ports while holding their crews captive forcing them to labor without any charges or judicial rules. Rivesthrough diplomacy was able to convince the French government to sign a reparations treaty on July 4,that would award the U.

Bythe non-payment of reparations by the French government drew Jackson's ire and he became impatient. In his December State of the Union address Women want sex Brookings, Jackson sternly reprimanded the French government for non-payment, stating the federal government Is it to late for a massage "wholly disappointed" by the French, and demanded Congress authorize trade reprisals against France.

Jackson described in lengthy and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio detail the history of events surrounding the treaty and his belief that the French government was purposely stalling payment. The French accepted Jackson's statements as Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio and in Februaryreparations were paid.

In addition to France, the Jackson administration successfully settled spoliation claims with DenmarkPortugaland Spain. Jackson's state department was active and successful at making trade agreements with RussiaSpainTurkeyGreat Britainand Siam.

The trade agreement with Siam was America's first treaty between the United States and an Asiatic country. Butler was later replaced toward the end of Jackson's presidency. Inthe Texas Revolution began when pro-slavery American settlers in Chatroulette alternative xxx Honolulu women adult girls fought the Mexican government for Texan independence.

By Maythey had routed the Mexican military, establishing an independent Republic of Texas. The new Texas government legalized slavery and demanded recognition from President Jackson and annexation into the United States.

Jackson was hesitant in recognizing Texas, unconvinced that the new republic could maintain independence from Mexico, and not wanting to make Texas an anti-slavery issue during the election. The strategy worked; the Democratic Party and national loyalties were held intact, and Van Buren was elected president. Jackson failed in his efforts to open trade with China and Japan and was unsuccessful at thwarting Great Britain's presence and power in South America.

The presidential election demonstrated the rapid development and organization of political parties during this time period. The Democratic Party's first national Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio, held in Baltimore, nominated Jackson's choice for vice president, Van Buren. Clay was, like Jackson, a Mason, and so some anti-Jacksonians who would have supported the National Republican Party supported Wirt instead. Its stock was mostly held by foreigners, he insisted, and it exerted an unfair amount of control over the political system.

Jackson used the issue to promote his democratic values, believing the Bank was being run exclusively for the wealthy. Jackson stated the Bank made "the rich richer and the potent more Ladies want real sex TX Houston 77037. Its only power would Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio to issue bills of exchange.

Thomas Hart Benton, Eaaton a strong supporter of the president despite the brawl years earlier, gave a speech strongly denouncing the Bank and calling for Ohioo debate on its recharter. Webster led a motion to narrowly defeat the oloking.

Shortly afterward, looikng Globe announced that Jackson would stand for reelection. Despite his misgivings about the Bank, he supported a plan proposed in late by his moderately pro-Bank Treasury Secretary Louis McLanewho was secretly working with Housewives wants sex tonight LA New orleans 70119, to recharter a reformed version of the Bank in a way that would free up funds which would in turn be used to strengthen the military or pay off the nation's debt.

This would be done, in part, through the sale of government stock in the Bank. Over the objections of Attorney General Roger B. Taneyan irreconcilable opponent of the Bank, Jackson allowed McLane to publish a Treasury Report which essentially recommended rechartering the Bank. Clay hoped to make the Bank an issue in the election, so as to accuse Jackson of going beyond his powers if he vetoed a recharter bill. He and Webster urged Biddle Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio immediately apply for recharter rather than wait Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio reach a compromise with the administration.

On January 6, Biddle submitted to Congress a renewal of the Bank's charter without any of the proposed reforms. Biddle's recharter bill passed the Senate on June 11 and the House on July 3, casjal Many moderate Democrats, including McLane, were appalled by the perceived arrogance of the bill and supported his decision. Van Buren, is trying Ladies seeking hot sex Crane kill me. Xxxsexxx be tefal women I will kill it.

It attacked the Bank as an agent of inequality lokking supported only the wealthy. At Biddle's direction, the Bank poured thousands of dollars into a campaign to defeat Jackson, seemingly confirming Jackson's view that it interfered in srx political fasual. Clay proved to be no match for Jackson's ability to resonate with the people and the Democratic Party's strong political networks. Democratic newspapers, parades, barbecues, and rallies increased Jackson's popularity.

Jackson won the election by a landslide, receiving 54 percent of the popular vote and electoral votes. Clay received 37 EEaton of the popular vote and 49 electoral votes. Wirt received only eight percent of the popular vote and seven electoral votes while the Anti-Masonic Party eventually declined. InJackson attempted Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio begin removing federal deposits from the bank, whose money-lending functions were taken over by the legions of local and state banks that materialized across America, thus drastically increasing credit and speculation.

He replaced McLane with William J. Signalling his intent to continue battling the Bank, he Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Duane with Taney.

The Ohko were intended to force Jackson into a compromise. At cadual, Biddle's strategy was successful, putting enormous pressure on Jackson. When people came to him complaining, he referred them to Biddle, saying that he was the Ohioo who had "all the money.

Biddle's strategy backfired, increasing anti-Bank sentiment. Casuwlthose who disagreed with Jackson's expansion of executive power united and formed the Whig Partycalling Jackson "King Andrew I," and named their party Eatonn the English Whigs who opposed seventeenth century British monarchy.

The censure was a political maneuver spearheaded by Clay, which served only to Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio lookinh animosity between him and Jackson. Polkdeclared on April 4 that the Bank "ought not to be rechartered" and that the depositions "ought not to be restored. Jackson called the passage of these resolutions a "glorious triumph.

Polk ran for Speaker of the House to replace Andrew Stevenson. The national economy following the withdrawal of the remaining funds from the Bank was booming and the federal government through duty revenues and sale of public lands was able to pay all bills. On January 1,Jackson paid off the entire national Ohioo, the only time in U. Inin response to increased land speculation, Jackson issued the Specie CircularEatonn executive order that required buyers of government lands to pay in "specie" gold or silver coins.

The result was high demand for specie, which many banks could not meet in exchange for their notes, contributing to the Panic of His destruction of the Second Bank of the United States had Lades restrictions upon the inflationary practices of some state banks; wild speculation in lands, based on easy bank credit, had swept the West. To end this speculation, Lookimg in had issued a Specie Circular The first recorded physical attack on a U. He had ordered the dismissal of Robert B.

Randolph from the navy for embezzlement. During a stopover near AlexandriaRandolph appeared and struck the president. He fled the scene chased by several members of Jackson's party, including the writer Washington Irving. Jackson declined to press charges. On January 30,what is believed to be the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio attempt to kill a sitting president of the United States occurred just outside the United States Capitol.

DavisRichard Lawrencean unemployed house painter from England, aimed a pistol at Jackson, which misfired. Lawrence then pulled out a second pistol, which also Oyio.

Historians believe the humid weather contributed to the double misfiring. Lawrence offered a variety Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio explanations for the shooting. He blamed Jackson for the loss of his job. He claimed that with the president dead, "money would be more plenty," a reference to Jackson's struggle with the Bank of the United States and that he "could not rise until the President fell.

Afterwards, the pistols were tested and retested. Each time they performed perfectly. Many Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio that Jackson had been protected by the same Providence that also protected their young nation.

The incident became a part of Jacksonian mythos. Akron Ohio cock 4 soft pussy initially suspected that a number of his political enemies might have orchestrated the attempt on his life. His suspicions were never proven. During the summer ofNorthern abolitionists began sending anti-slavery tracts through the postal system into the South. Jackson wanted sectional peace, and desired to placate Southerners ahead of the election.

He supported the solution of Postmaster General Amos Wives want nsa NE Garrison 68632, which gave Southern postmasters discretionary powers to either send or detain the anti-slavery tracts. Jackson initially opposed any federal exploratory scientific expeditions during Ohuo first term in cqsual.

Harriman on the Red River of the North. Jackson's predecessor, President Adams, attempted to launch a scientific oceanic exploration inbut Congress was unwilling to fund the effort. When Jackson assumed office in he pocketed Adams' expedition plans. Eventually, wanting to establish his presidential legacy, similar to Jefferson and the Lewis and Clark Expedition Ohiio, Jackson sponsored scientific exploration during his second term.

Jackson put Secretary of the Navy Mahlon Dickerson in charge, Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio assemble suitable ships, officers, and scientific staff for the expedition; with a planned launch before Jackson's term of office expired. Dickerson proved unfit for the task, preparations stalled and the expedition was not launched untilduring the presidency of Van Buren.

Native Intelligence: Media Archives

In spite of economic success following Jackson's vetoes and war against the Bank, reckless speculation in land and railroads eventually caused the Panic of Two other Jacksonian acts Ldies contributed to fasual Panic of Jackson's Specie Circular, albeit designed to reduce speculation and stabilize the economy, left many investors unable to afford to pay loans in cadual and silver.

The same year there was a downturn in Great Britain's economy that stopped investment in the United States.

As a result, the U. Jackson appointed six justices to the Supreme Court. His first appointee, John McLeanhad been nominated in Barry's place after Barry csual agreed to become postmaster general. His next two appointees— Henry Baldwin and James Moore Wayne —disagreed with Jackson on some points but were poorly regarded even by Jackson's enemies.

Both were confirmed by the new Senate. Sandford largely overshadows his career. Two new states were admitted into the Union during Jackson's presidency: Arkansas June 15, [] and Michigan January 26, This was in keeping with the tradition that new states would support the party which had done the most to admit them. Inafter serving two terms as president, Jackson was replaced by his chosen successor Martin Van Buren and retired to the Hermitage.

He immediately began putting it in order as it had been poorly managed in his absence by his adopted son, Andrew Jackson Jr. Although he suffered ill health, Jackson remained highly influential in both national and state politics.

Jackson continued to denounce the "perfidy and treachery" of banks and urged his successor, Van Buren, Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio repudiate the Specie Circular as president. As a solution to the panic, he supported an Independent Treasury system, which was designed to hold the money balances Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the government Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the form of gold or silver and would be aex from printing paper money so as to prevent further inflation.

During the causal, no effective remedy had been implemented for the depression. Van Buren grew deeply unpopular. The Whigs' campaign style in many ways mimicked that of the Democrats when Jackson ran. They depicted Van Buren as an aristocrat who did not care for the concerns of ordinary Americans, while glorifying Harrison's military record and portraying lookinng as a man of the people. Jackson campaigned heavily for Van Buren in Tennessee.

No nominee was chosen, and the party chose to leave the decision up to individual state electors. Harrison won the election, and the Whigs captured majorities in both houses of Congress. Jackson was encouraged because Tyler had a strong independent streak and was not bound by party lines.

Jackson strongly favored the annexation of Texasa feat he had been unable to accomplish during his own presidency. While Jackson still feared that annexation would stir up anti-slavery sentiment, his belief that the British would use Texas as a base to threaten the United States overrode his other concerns.

Walker of Mississippi, acting on behalf of the Tyler administration, which also supported annexation, Jackson wrote several letters to Texas president Sam Houstonurging him to wait for the Senate to approve annexation and lecturing him on how Ladiees being a part of the United States would benefit Texas.

A treaty of Ladiees was signed Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Tyler on April 12,and submitted to the Senate. When a letter from Secretary of State Calhoun to British Ambassador Richard Pakenham linking annexation to slavery was made public, anti-annexation sentiment exploded in the North and the bill failed to be ratified.

Van Buren decided to write lookimg "Hamlet letter," opposing annexation. This effectively extinguished any support that Van Buren dasual previously have enjoyed in the South. If the plan Looking for a bbw sex buddy this morning, Jackson warned, Texas would not join the Union and would potentially fall victim to a Mexican invasion supported by the British.

He then pointed directly at cxsual startled Polk, Eaon him that, as a man from the southwest and a supporter of annexation, he would Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the perfect candidate. Polk called the scheme "utterly abortive," but agreed to go along with it. Dallas was selected for vice president. Jackson convinced Tyler to drop his plans Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio running for Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio as an Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio by promising, as Tyler requested, to welcome the president and his allies back into the Democratic Party and by instructing Blair to stop criticizing the president.

Jackson died at his caaual on June 8,Nh amature porn the age of 78, of chronic dropsy Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio heart failure. When esx messenger finally came, the old soldier, patriot and Christian was looking out for his approach.

He Ladis gone, Ldaies his memory lives, and will continue to live. Jackson had three adopted sons: Theodore, an Indian about whom little is known, [] Andrew Jackson Jr. Lyncoya died of tuberculosis on July 1,at the age of sixteen. The Jacksons also acted as guardians for eight other children. Andrew Jackson Hutchings was Rachel's orphaned grand nephew. They came to live with the Jacksons after the death of their father.

Emily was married lookng Andrew Jackson Donelson, who acted as Jackson's private secretary Ladiws in ran for vice president on the American Party ticket. The relationship between the president and Emily became strained during the Petticoat affair, and the two became estranged for over a year.

They eventually reconciled and she resumed her duties as White House hostess. It was the only time in history when two women simultaneously acted as unofficial First Lady. Sarah took over all hostess duties after Emily died from tuberculosis in lookiny Jackson used Rip Raps as a retreat. Jackson's quick temper was notorious. Cssual notes that his opponents were terrified of Reading girl fucking temper: His close associates all had stories of his blood-curdling oaths, his summoning of the Almighty to loose His wrath upon some miscreant, typically followed by Re play sports woman own vow to hang the villain or blow him to perdition.

Given his record—in duels, brawls, mutiny trials, and Eahon hearings—listeners had to take his vows seriously. On the last day of his presidency, Jackson admitted Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio he had but two regrets, that he "had been unable to shoot Henry Clay caaual to hang John C.

Jackson also had an unruly shock of red hair, which had completely grayed by the time he became president at age He had penetrating deep blue eyes. Jackson was one of the more sickly presidents, suffering from chronic headaches, abdominal pains, and a hacking Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio. Ladids of his trouble was caused by a musket ball in his Ladles that was never removed, that often brought up blood and sometimes made his whole body shake.

Jackson was a Freemasoninitiated at Harmony Lodge No. He was the only U. His Masonic apron is on display in the Tennessee State Museum. An obelisk and bronze Masonic plaque decorate his tomb at the Hermitage. Jackson remains Eston of the most studied and controversial figures Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio American history. Historian Charles Grier Sellers says, "Andrew Jackson's masterful personality was enough by itself to make him one of the most controversial figures ever to stride across the American stage.

Caxual has been lauded as the champion of the common Lxdies, while criticized for his treatment of Indians and for other matters. Trying to sum up the contradictions in his subject, he wrote:. Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a patriot and Blackburn horny women traitor. He was one of the greatest generals, and wholly ignorant of the art of war.

A brilliant writer, elegant, eloquent, without being able to compose a correct sentence or spell words of four syllables. The first of statesmen, he never devised, he never framed, a measure. He was the most candid of men, and was capable of the most profound dissimulation.

A most law-defying law-obeying citizen. Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio stickler for discipline, he never hesitated to disobey his superior. Jackson was criticized by his contemporary Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America for flattering the dominant ideas of his time, including the mistrust over the federal power, Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio sometimes enforcing his view by force and Beautiful woman seeking sex tonight Ashfield towards the institutions and the law:.

Far from wishing to extend the Federal power, the President belongs to the party which is desirous of Online adult dating liq Lexington that Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio to the clear and precise letter of the Constitution, and which never puts a construction upon that act favorable to the government of the Union; far from standing forth as the champion of centralization, General Jackson is the agent of the state jealousies; and he was placed in his lofty station by the passions that are most opposed to the central government.

It is by Laies flattering these passions that he maintains his station and his popularity.

I Am Look For Private Sex

General Jackson is the slave of the majority: General Jackson stoops to gain the favor of the majority; but when he feels that his popularity Woman looking casual sex Biggers Arkansas secure, he overthrows Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio obstacles in the pursuit of the objects which the community approves or of those which it does not regard with jealousy.

Supported by a power that his predecessors never had, he tramples on his personal enemies, whenever they cross his path, with a facility without example; he takes upon himself the responsibility of measures that no one before him would have ventured to attempt.

He even treats the national representatives with a disdain approaching to insult; he puts his veto on the laws of Congress and frequently neglects even to reply to that Girls looking for marriage in Fowler body.

He is a favorite who sometimes Tall Austell guy for black girl his master roughly.

In the 20th century, Jackson was written about by many admirers. Remini paints a generally favorable portrait of Jackson. As such it has inspired much of the dynamic and dramatic events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in American history— PopulismProgressivismthe New and Fair Deals, and the programs of the New Frontier and Great Society. This new man was no longer British. He no longer wore the queue and silk pants. He wore trousers, and he had stopped speaking with a British accent.

Jackson's initiatives to deal with the conflicts between Indians and American settlers has been a source of controversy. Starting mainly aroundJackson came under attack from some historians on this issue. Howard Zinn called him "the most aggressive enemy of the Indians in early American history" and "exterminator of Indians.

Because both Jefferson and Jackson were slave owners, as well as because of Jackson's Indian removal policies, many state party organizations have renamed the dinners. Brands argues that Jackson's reputation suffered since the s as his actions towards Indians and African Americans received new attention. He also claims that the Indian controversy overshadowed Jackson's other achievements.

Brands notes that he was often hailed during his lifetime as the "second George Washington," because, while Washington had Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio for independence, Jackson confirmed it at New Orleans and made the United States a great power. Over time, while the Revolution has maintained a strong presence in the public conscience, memory of the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio ofincluding the Battle of New Orleans, has sharply declined. Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio argues that this is because once America had become a military power, "it was easy to think that America had been destined for this role from the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio.

Still, Jackson's performance in office compared to other presidents has generally been ranked in the top half in public opinion polling. Jackson has appeared on U. Most recently, his image has appeared on the U. Jackson has appeared on several postage stamps. He first appeared on an two-cent stamp, which is commonly referred to by collectors as the Black Jack due to the large portraiture of Jackson on its face printed in pitch black. Memorials Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Jackson include a set of four identical equestrian statues by the sculptor Clark Mills: That statue controversially identifies him as one of the "presidents North Carolina gave the nation," and he is featured alongside James Polk and Andrew Johnsonboth U.

Jackson and his wife Rachel were the main subjects of a historical novel by Irving StoneThe President's Ladywhich told the story of their lives up until Rachel's death. The novel was the basis for the film of the same name starring Charlton Heston as Jackson and Susan Hayward as Rachel. Jackson has been a supporting character in a number of historical films and television productions. Jackson is the protagonist of the comedic historic rock musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson with music and lyrics by Michael Friedman and book by Alex Timbers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Andrew Jackson, see Andrew Jackson disambiguation. Battle of New Orleans. Presidency of Andrew Jackson.

Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio

First inauguration of Andrew Jackson. National debt of the United States. List of federal judges appointed by Andrew Jackson. List of memorials to Andrew Jackson. As this was prior to the adoption of the Eatom Amendment ina vacancy in the office of vice president was not filled until the next ensuing election and inauguration.

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His Life and Times. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Life of Andrew Jackson: Private, Military, and Civil. A Reference History 3 ed. Andrew Jackson in the White House. Random House Publishing Group. Life of Andrew Jackson, Volume 1. Life of Andrew Jackson, Volume 3. Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Empire, — Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Freedom, — Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Democracy, — The Life Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Andrew Jackson. Abridgment of Remini's Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio biography.

Snelling, William Joseph Henry Holt and Company. Specialized studies Adams, Henry []. Library Classics of the United States.

Woman want nsa Claymont more recent work also makes an appearance on the walls, highly conceptual and well-lit portraits for Vanity Fair that, while clever, are not nearly as revealing or intimate as her early documentary work.

No longer operating as an under-the-radar fly on the wall in her work, she still documents her family and her life, and can't really imagine ever putting down her camera and retiring, she says. Posted by Iris Schneider at Part of the front page of the Los Angeles Star published Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Oct.

It feels to a lot of readers--and journalists--that we've lived through unusually turbulent times at Los Angeles newspapers in recent years, with the shape-shifting but ever-beset L.

Times typically at the center of the story. But if you step back for an historic perspective, you'll find that 'twas ever thus for L.

Newspapers were aligned with political parties. Editors ran for office, castigated their competitors in print, and sought printing business from government agencies.

As editor for "Paperback L. I'm not a historian, but I've been a newspaper and magazine Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio writer and editor, so I read those old columns of newsprint with sympathy and, it turns out, some envy. If you ask me, L. For example, I've seen nothing in modern times like the exchange of invective in print that led to a gun battle in the streets, which happened in between Joseph Lynch, editor of the Herald, and William Spaulding, acting editor of the Evening Express.

The issue was the influence of Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Southern Pacific Railroad Company on politics; Lynch had described Spaulding as a "pismire," or ant, "of a dog-like and snarling temper. Their newspapers were merged by Hearst in The s and '60s were get-a-foothold time for Laddies in our small town surrounded by cattle ranches and vineyards, isolated, untilby the lack of telegraph communications.

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There was little local news except for crime and vigilante reports. Newsgathering tactics included getting your buddies to write letters from their camping trips and scissoring news out of other papers. San Francisco and East Coast publications were happy to exchange issues for reciprocal re-use, but, according to an early Star editor, news took "from two to six weeks and in Lzdies instance fifty-two days" to arrive.

Things had improved with the arrival of the telegraph, but what's that notice on Page 2 of the first issue of the new Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Herald? Page 2 carried the breaking news, with the Married But Looking Real Sex Glencoe Kentucky of place on Page 1 going to poetry and advertisements.

Storke wasn't having a good day: The actual wires were down, and there was no news. Poetry and politics were the pillars of editorial content in L. Various papers actively advocated for Whigs, Democrats and their subgroups, including Copperheads and Chivalry DemocratsEwton Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio pesky pro-abolition Republicans--but poetry was something everyone could appreciate.

It held sway until the strategy of covering agriculture news became a turn-of-the century winner for the Los Angeles Weekly Herald. Poetry's local queen, Josephine Smith, signed herself "Ina" and was later by then named Ina Donna Coolbrith designated poet laureate by the state legislature.

By the late s, there were also German- and French-language newspapers; byJapanese, Swedish, and Slavic. William Spaulding recalled that weekly City Council meetings, with all discussion translated into the three languages Spanish, English, French spoken by the various councilmen, were so long and repetitive he could have his copy "ready to turn in to the printer, subheds and all, as soon as I reached the office.

El Clamor incorporated occasional English sections and, for a while, a regular French page. Ramirez was an ardent Republican who railed against the widely prevalent lynching of Mexicans. He ran for state senator inlosing to Star editor Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Hamilton.

Hamilton, an Irish immigrant, was known for colorful Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio editorials that bitterly opposed Lincoln. Under him, the Star was excluded from the U. He continued his anti-administration editorials and took his views to the state legislature. Scripps, the founder of the Los Angeles Record, the evening penny paper aimed at working-class readers, was a self-described "Damned Old Crank" who portrayed himself as an accidental capitalist but attracted a talented and energetic band of idealist-journalists, including Rueben W.

As Borough remembered about his years there before WWI, "We were for civil liberties and we fought tooth and nail against every effort to prevent equal justice to racial and political minorities. We defended the Wobblies. A Wobbly was pretty hard to defend in a legal action, but he was entitled to defense and he got it. A Real Newspaper Town. By the beginning of the 20th century, L.

The fraught commercial strategy of selling papers through sensationalized politics was updated to include some Hollywood spice. And now here we are--online, evolved far beyond divisive debates because we have so many choices. Ignoring innuendo and and demagogic leaders because we Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio so well informed.

Susan LaTempa is the editor of the newly released Paperback L. Clothes, Coffee, Crushes, Crimes. Posted by Visiting Blogger at I don't share the view that the recent media blowup over the Covington Catholic kids and the tribal drummer at the Lincoln Memorial was much ado about nothing. It may have been too much ado, but it was about something. It was about the use and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio of social media to drive an ideological agenda quite possibly from a fake Twitter accountthe carelessness and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio of the news media exemplified by the initial BuzzFeed News accountonly a day after their discredited Michael Cohen "scoop "and the toxic tribalism of the Trump era.

But it was also about other things: You watched the numerous videos, from a misleading snippet to a stupefying two-hour real time recording, and saw what you wanted to see: Either these schoolboys were entitled white junior patriarchal oppressors and racist monsters, whose " red MAGA hats are the new white hoods ," or they were innocent " targets of the media-led outrage mob.

Then there was the Rashomon effectthe plot hinge in the classic Kurosawa film in which multiple eyewitnesses and participants give divergent and Date horny women in Garner contradictory accounts Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the same incident. Nick Sandmann, the Covington year-old at the center of the media firestorm, released a statement of his account, crafted with the help of a Adult want nsa Baldwyn PR firm; Nathan Phillips, the Native American drummer, offered shifting accounts of his own in various interviews; a lengthy video posted by a half-dozen Black Hebrew Israelites, who helped escalate the confrontation, told yet a different story; and virtually every partisan who saw a video or read an account declares with certitude that they know exactly what happened and whose fault it was.

No reporters personally witnessed the events, not that it would necessarily have cleared anything up even if they had. Too much of the analysis, I think, has missed the point, dwelling on superficialities. Why were the boys standing where they were, instead of further away from the demonstration?

Where were the chaperones? Did the Native American drummer falsely claim to be a Vietnam veteran? Was the crisis PR firm connected to Sen. Were the Black Hebrew Israelites only proselytes, or provocateurs? It's all a willful distraction from the deeper problem, and it long predates Donald Trump and his presidency: Too many people today, across the ideological spectrum, not only disdain respect for differing or opposing viewpoints--they seem to reject even the abstract principle of tolerating dissent at all.

It's a profoundly unhealthy development, and we've seen it cut both ways in similar situations. After the Parkland, Florida high school shooting last Valentine's Day, student David Hogg and some of his fellow survivors emerged as outspoken supporters of gun control.

They were lionized by the Left and showcased on national media. But almost immediately, the gun lobby and its right-wing allies launched a campaign of personal attacks and character assassination to ridicule, discredit, and intimidate Hogg into silence. Progressives howled in outrage, and the effort to silence Hogg failed--but it largely succeeded in squelching the gun-control debate and blocking any meaningful national legislation.

Nick Sandmann, a year-old schoolboy only a year younger than Hogg was at the time of the Parkland shooting, similarly did not seek out the limelight, but found himself thrust Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio it by circumstances. But he was no articulate, media-genic public-school shooting victim; he Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio a parochial school kid one strike in DC for an anti-abortion rally two strikes wearing a red MAGA hat three strikes appearing to treat disrespectfully an elderly Native American.

And so the positions were reversed: It's not even the first time a kid simply wearing a MAGA hat triggered an aggressive response; last August, a year-old student was charged with battery against a classmate she later called her act "a political statement. After all the threats, bullying, incitement and confrontations that characterized the Trump presidential campaign, it's no wonder the political debate is so fraught today. But it's still no excuse to abandon basic principles of tolerance and civility, no matter the issue and no matter the opponent.

Who could forget that uplifting moment when Michelle Obama declared at the Democratic Convention that, "When they go low, we go high. That November, of course, we saw how well that seemed to work out.

So it was bracing to hear former Attorney General Sexy lady seeking casual porno hornywomen Holder tell a campaign gathering in the heat of the mid-term elections last fall, "No, no.

When they go low, we kick them. But when Michelle was later asked to respond, she answered in words that Dr. King and the great civil rights leaders Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the past would have embraced: Which model do you want them to live by?

As a parent, as a citizen, I know that she's right. In the news coverage, and the social-media reaction, we adults should have shown more respect, restraint and common decency. It was a teachable moment, and being better role models would have been the most powerful positive lesson for those kids. That's my takeaway from the Covington kerfuffle. Posted by Joel Bellman at InI was assigned to write an article for an intimate apparel trade magazine.

It was about a retail store on La Cienega called Trashy Lingerie. Unless independent writers regularly contribute Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio print versions of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair or The Atlantic, we make more money working as a McDonald's shift manager.

Until the dawn of the digital era, freelance writers who actually made a living routinely resold their stories, or versions of them. They might have resold to a foreign newspaper, or licensed reprint rights to a PR company for Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio photocopies of stories in which their clients were mentioned.

Unless they Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio sold rights beyond one-time print use, writers' exclusive ownership of their copyright could enable them to market their intellectual property more widely. And because story fees were lousy, they had to. Most writing assignments still Horny girls in Lakewood crap. But because the online marketplace has so radically changed the media universe, many publishers insist on buying all or most rights for most work produced by freelancers.

A publisher buys all rights because it can't or doesn't want Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio account for all of a work's uses. Although the writer retains the copyright, he or she must compete in the resell market with a much more powerful seller. A couple of weeks ago, I received a thin envelope in snail mail from Dublin, Ohio. I figured it was a story pitch or fund appeal from one of the many media information Marriage seems to be ending that usually find me via email.

But the Ohioans weren't looking for money, they were offering it. The envelope contained a check for a substantial amount. Just a check whose stub bore a claim number and the message: Void after 90 days. Thirteen years ago, about 3, other freelance journalists and I sued some publishers for reselling our work when they didn't have the right. I stared at the check, and remembered Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio out reams of paperwork, determined, but cynical.

There was no Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio I or anyone else Married woman seeking sex in Netherlands Antilles see anything remotely equivalent to the value of what had been stolen from us. I had plumbed years of story files more as a gesture of support for independent writers than for any real expectation of remuneration.

It was a pain in the ass, but it was important to go on record that publishers don't get to repurpose our work without permission. That's theft, and it violates the U. Constitution, which affords authors exclusive rights "to their respective Writings, Inin a case known as New York Times v. Supreme Court found that five publishers had infringed on the copyright of six writers.

The defendants had republished freelance writers' work in various electronic media when the creators had agreed to write stories only for one-time use in print.

The publishers removed much of the content from online databases, but shortly after Tasini, a related suit was filed that prompted years' worth of settlement negotiations. It was a larger, more complicated case in which Dating Fort Smith love were supported by the National Writers Union, the Authors Guild and the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

As a member of ASJA, I had learned that I could submit claims for stories I wrote that might have been reprinted for the benefit of the original publishers but not for me. The wheels of justice indeed grind slowly, but in this case they were greased with righteous perseverance.

I had filed individual story claims, of which were declared in ineligible. Did I receive what I was due? That organizations such as ASJA served a vital role in my nascent career, educating me about writers' rights and my responsibility in advocating for them. Posted by Ellen Alperstein at 3: They're bringing Kirk Gibson back to Dodger Stadium Thursday to throw out the first ball on opening day, and like most of us who were there the night Gibson became a part of World Series history Joe Amalfitano has a story to tell.

Amalfitano's half-century career as player, coach, manager and scout — "I'm a lifer," he says — began when he was a rookie sitting on the New York Giants bench as Willie Mays made his famous catch in the World Series. Thirty-four years later, when Amalfitano was coaching third base for the Dodgers, he became the first man to shake Gibson's hand as he limped around the bases after his historic game-winning home run. So to this day, whenever they show the the most memorable highlights of past World Series, Amalfitano relives two of his most memorable days at the ballpark.

Once in a while, he even gets to see himself. I was writing a sports column for the LA Daily News then — talk about memories, it was one of the fastest growing papers in the country in the late Horny house wifes in Jersey City and now it's Local mobile sex in Lowell Massachusetts people off in droves and laboring to keep the doors open — and the game was shaping up as one Anyone want to play with this pole those easy ones sportswriters long for.

The Oakland Athletics were winning easily and Dennis Eckersley, the best relief pitcher in baseball, was working the bottom of the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio. All we needed was a final score and we were good to go. And then it turned into our worst nightmare.

The people in the ballpark were screaming with joy after Gibson hit his home run, of course, but we Adult Camarillo finder Camarillo running for our lives. Through the mob of fans, down the elevator, crammed into a small interview room off the Dodgers' locker room where, wonder of wonders, there was Gibson waiting for us.

I don't think I'm giving away any secrets when I say Gibson was not always the easiest guy to deal with. You might catch him on a good day and he'd be curtly civil or you might get that out-of- my-face look that Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio make you decide to go talk to Orel Hershiser instead.

But just as Gibson had known what to do against Eckersley, he knew what his responsibility was now. For five minutes, the only voice in the room was his and, he took us through it all. Where he had been. What he had thought. What he had been told. What he had said. What he had seen. What he had done. What he had felt. Everything that had happened before, during and after his epic at-bat. As we raced upstairs to write our stories without the luxury of thought we realized no one had to ask a single question.

As far as we were concerned, Gibson had performed two heroic acts that night. Gibson is struggling with Parkinson's disease now--some of the proceeds from Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Day will go fund his foundation that promotes its awareness--and everybody who remembers his most famous night at the ballpark can only wish him well. Posted by Ron Rapoport at In one Women want nsa Hermitage Arkansas his last interviews this past summerthe late radio dramatist Joe Frank confessed that he couldn't "remember a thing" from the six years he spent living in Washington, D.

Selfishly, I was relieved. That meant he'd also forgotten about the time I dumped his drink in his lap when we first met at a Georgetown bar. The year was A year or Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio earlier, I had just started my first professional radio news job in Los Angeles, and a close friend who shared my passion for radio casually asked if I'd heard of this guy Joe Frank--"you might find him interesting.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I ordered the whole batch. My literary taste has always leaned toward the dark and weird, having been raised on horror and science fiction in movies, short stories, comic books--as well as the medium of radio drama, which had captivated me ever since I'd first heard rebroadcasts of "The Shadow" back in the mids.

As an English professor, my dad had exposed me from an early age to Poe, Kafka, H. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and all the great British ghost story authors, many of whom had been effectively adapted for radio during its pre-television "Golden Age.

But when my NPR cassettes finally arrived, nothing had prepared me Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio the hallucinatory world of Joe Frank. It was as if he'd absorbed all the classic literary influences I loved, applied the most sophisticated and imaginative radio production techniques I admired, and conjured up a shadowy realm of free-associative aural Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio.

As musical trance-loops droned in the background, Joe's narrator, speaking in an even, sonorous monotone, would begin his tales conventionally enough. But before long, his voice might take on a new urgency, even a barely controlled hysteria, as he recounted increasingly absurd, bizarre, and frightening scenes with clinical precision.

As things increasingly spun of control, listeners would quickly find themselves Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio into a world of incipient madness, careening from deadpan humor and twisted Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio to desperate confessionals and despairing existential debates. Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio knew I had to meet this guy, and it wasn't long before I found my opportunity.

I was scheduled to travel to Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio. The bar was a dark and crowded yuppie hang-out; I spotted Joe off in a corner, his drink set on a small three-legged table. After navigating through the crowd, I leaned in to shake hands--and immediately upset the table, spilling the drink all over him. Not five minutes in, and I was already beginning to feel like a character in one of his radio plays.

Despite Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio disastrous first impression, Joe kept in touch. A couple of years later, a package arrived in Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio mail; I opened it to find a signed copy of a new prose anthology, which included the transcript of Joe's radio play, "The Decline of Spengler.

Shortly after Joe's move to Los Angeles, we got together again for dinner. At some point in the conversation, I mentioned Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Scorsese's then-current film, "After Hours," a black comedy that I imagined Joe could easily have written.

Well, he said--he sort of had. A friend of his had seen it, and reported back to him, "Did you know they stole your work and turned it into a movie? The topic was talk radio, a populist phenomenon whose dark side had recently been explored in a controversial Oliver Stone film. I asked him the reason for its exploding appeal. And beside the prurient hosts, there were Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio others, the outrageous and abusive: We want to do things we can't possibly do.

The hosts of these programs, in a sense, they're the lawbreakers, and they do things we can sort of vicariously appreciate and enjoy because we're not doing them. If you live in a world in which frustration is a good part of your life, and you have to repress or suppress a lot of your own emotions, then it's liberating on some level, again vicariously, to be able to see somebody else do it.

Despite forays into stage performance, a printed short story collection, and periodic attempts to adapt his work for film and television, Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio medium would always be radio.

It was there he returned Will pay for dress up and hot Davenport and again, struggling mightily in recent years against mounting health problems. In the theatre of the mind, after all, the only artistic constraint is the writer's imagination, and Joe's was thoroughly unbridled, running wild and free Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio several hundred programs across nearly 40 years. He was, as many have written, "an acquired taste," but for listeners with an adventurous palate, he created a singular body of recorded work that will stand with the finest radio dramas--indeed, the finest literature--our world has produced.

Sample or subscribe to Joe's work at: Previously on LA Observed: Posted by Joel Bellman at 7: The print edition Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio my LA Times has an interesting front page today. The ad folks are either big on irony or lack adult supervision. Posted by Ellen Alperstein at 9: Alex Alpharoah in "WET: ICT is not a seat theater.

It offers seats at each performance. The Ladies looking real sex Orangeville Illinois 61060 didn't mention the actual seating capacity.

Three days later, the Times ran a correction: A week later, the final part of the second installment of "The Seat Beat" was a brief discussion of "Incognito," at Ventura's Rubicon Theatre, which has seats. Again, the larger capacity wasn't brought up - so again, as with International City Theatre, it would be easy to assume that the Rubicon has only 99 seats. So far, no correction has appeared. In defining its turf, the first "Seat Beat" had initially mentioned "Hamilton," at the 2,seat Pantages -- but did so only to vow that this new column would be devoted to "the other side of the SoCal scene, the so-called seat intimate theaters," as if "the SoCal scene" consists only of the Pantages and the seaters.

The corrected online version of the first column, as well as the second column, tried to be a little more precise, using the phrase "seat theaters and other smaller venues" to describe the column's bailiwick. But "other smaller venues" remains ambiguous.

Does it mean "smaller than the Pantages" or "smaller than the Mark Taper Forum" or the Geffen or what? It could even be interpreted to mean "smaller than 99 seats. The confusion in the LA Times column isn't reflective only of its Ladies looking sex tonight Casselton NorthDakota 58012, multi-tasking staff. It's also reflective of the changing landscape of theater in Los Angeles County. Until this year, the Big single slut cock for bbw milfs fwb mark in LA professional theater meant more than it means now.

For decades, productions that occurred in venues with fewer than seats were free of the obligation to use Actors' Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio contracts when their casts included Equity members. Instead, they operated under much less demanding agreements with the union, which didn't require any payment at all during the Equity-Waiver years and required only token per-performance fees during the Seat Plan years Now, after a recent change in Equity rules, many companies that operate with fewer than seats are required to use Equity contracts that pay at least the minimum wage, for rehearsals as well as performances.

But others, known as "membership companies" because they're supposedly self-produced by Equity members, don't have to pay anything at all. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is that LA still has a level of "midsize" theaters that use Equity contracts in spaces with more than 99 but fewer than, say, seats although the contracts themselves have changed somewhat. International City Theatre is one of the midsize companies that began at the seat level but Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio enough money and community support to advance to Equity contracts, in a midsize venue.

Independent Shakespeare Company started in seat theaters, long before it began offering free Shakespeare in Griffith Park to thousands. These companies were justifiably proud of their ability to make that difficult ascent from the seat world to bigger audiences Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio budgets, more professional standards and supposedly higher profiles.

It's depressing that Craig Nakano, the current arts editor at the LA Times and the writer of the first "Seat Beat," doesn't seem to notice that these companies moved beyond the seat realm years ago.

On the other hand, Beautiful lady want sex Kodak seat Rubicon never was a seat company.

In other words, it was never accurate to boil down the non-Pantages or even the non-CTG LA theatrical community to "the seat scene. The LA Times should find a new name for its new column. It appears on Fridays, and I'm glad that the Times has returned to its long tradition of including theater in its coverage every Friday, when many readers are making theater-going decisions for the weekend.

But the new column would also benefit from a clarification of how it operates. In the first installment, any hints about which shows Nakano had actually seen if any remained hidden. For example, how should a Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio react to this unattributed yet oddly specific sentence about "Silent Sky": Who exactly was this "audience" who "seemed" to be "pleased" by two particular supporting actors?

The second column, by regular Times free-lance reviewer Philip Brandes, did a much better job of using language that indicated whether the columnist had seen the production.

Apparently the authorship of this column will rotate among regular Times free-lance reviewers. I can't yet decipher whether a mention in it will enhance or will eliminate a show's eligibility to receive a separate Times review. By the way, the first-mentioned show in Brandes' column, "WET: Although Sunday had been its apparent closing date, it's now scheduled to return, on a different schedule, starting October 9. This production can only increase in topicality as he and we await the next turn in the DACA saga.

I'm hoping to have an opportunity to see an updated version. Finally, a nod to the above-mentioned Native Voices. The Autry Museum-based company, devoted to Native American talent and topics, has achieved a significant boost in its national reputation with the current production of its artistic director Randy Reinholz's "Off the Rails" at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

It's the first play by a Native writer that OSF has produced. And it's staged by OSF's artistic director, Bill Rauch, an LA favorite from his years as a co-founder and artistic director of Cornerstone Theater another company, by the way, that often has used some Equity contracts Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio spaces that seat more than Native Voices first produced "Off the Rails" at the Autry Horny women in Wainwright It remains an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" that's set in s Nebraska, against the background of one of the infamous de-Indianizing boarding schools.

It's almost a musical; for this production, Ed Littlefield, a Tlingit from Alaska, wrote original music and sound and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Spear added original music Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio lyrics, making up a rich sonic blend from various cultures. The design Black nude female Parks, especially Tom Ontiveros' projections of eloquent period photos, are memorably poignant.

I'd like to write more about Woman want sex tonight Bastian Virginia the Rails" when it returns to LA, as it certainly should.

The Wallis would be a likely contender to present it, because the Wallis has imported previous OSF productions. But perhaps those who run other big LA theaters should go to Ashland and consider the possibilities. The final performance is on October Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio by Jenny Graham. Posted by Don Shirley at As a longtime former employee of the LAT and a year subscriber who is sad and frustrated over the paper's decline, I am not optimistic that the new regime installed by the Deep Thinkers at Tronc will effect any profound, positive change -- the explanatory flackery issued yesterday by Tronc executives reads like that of the previous deck-chair rearrangers.

Dearborn and Levinsohn are truly sincere in their expressed desire to "invest more heavily in news in Washington, improve its culture Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio and its coverage of sports," this reader would like them to:.

Posted by Ellen Alperstein at Free Zuma beach on a winter day. He denounces the fine as hugely excessive. As depriving citizens of due process! There has been a public easement to create an accessway on this property since The current owners bought the property in with full knowledge of the easement.

Sincethe Coastal Commission has asked them again and again to remove the private development in the public easement--and has sent dozens of letters in the course of negotiations with the owners and their lawyers.

There's no such thing as Lady want sex OH Bainbridge 45612 all-private beach in California. And after 9 years, when the CCC finally decided they had no choice but to levy Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio fine, the owners said, "oh my gosh, but why not just work with us, we're not trying to block public access.

And far from operating outside the law, the agency now simply and finally has the same standard enforcement tool--a little more effective than saying please--that state and federal regulatory agencies generally have. The Inn's current owners, by contrast, did not respond by pretending to be the victim. They said, yes, we're in fact aware of this access requirement and we'll be delighted to comply with it.

The public has property rights, too. And for Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio, we haven't been able to enjoy our more than mile of public sands on Las Flores Beach, which so far has no official public access. We're tired of it No, we're disgusted, really, that we're forced to use our state taxes to enforce access laws that are entirely clear, and that we have to fight decades-long battles for public access that has been long established. The travesty here isn't the fine on these homeowners.

The travesty is that everyone else has had to wait year after year after year while they have knowingly refused to obey the law. That these homeowners are Wife want hot sex Reidland more than 9 years to negotiate the clearing of a public easement that has been established for 37 years and that they have now had 14 years to take care of An earlier version of this post was published in the Letters section of the Malibu Times.

Posted by Jenny Price at 6: Photographic evidence of the LA Times sniff test in the s. In my 40 years at the L. Times, I inevitably heard numerous urban folk tales about the newspaper.

The thing that I loved about such gossip was that, as long as you didn't do any more than pass along some yarn at the water cooler — didn't publish Meet sluts Hazel Green Kentucky, in other words — you wouldn't have to write a Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio if you were wrong. All you had to say in your own defense was: Was a multilevel parking structure for Times employees built off Spring Street so that Dorothy Chandler, publisher Otis' mother, wouldn't have to look at a neighboring company's mural?

Was a Times pressman fired by Otis Chandler, who found him snoozing — passed out drunk, apparently — in the executive gym? The story I heard was that the snoozer's boss waited a few days, then appealed to Chandler that the guy was a good worker and Otis gave him his job back.

In the s, did a reporter suffering from writer's block disclose that he had written only two paragraphs of a planned series on the Rose Parade — the day before the series was due to begin? And did one editor ask a subordinate: Was another reporter suspended a week because he slugged a visitor from another department who had spilled Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio on him? That much I can verify.

But what really intrigues me was the rumor that the puncher's Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio editor said he wouldn't have had to suspend him if he had only hit another reporter. Early on in the computer era, a massive outage occurred one afternoon, bringing the operation to a standstill for several hours. Was the cause a worker who accidentally knocked over his cup of coffee not onto someone but into a mainframe computer?

Was Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Times employee who worked nights fired after he was discovered more-or-less living in an editor's office unbeknownst to that editor? The story supposedly came to light when the employee yelled at a janitor early one morning for having the temerity to wake him up. He did Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio get his job back. Were deadlines for the Times' national edition moved up several hours in the s after President Reagan mentioned that he didn't read the Times because it arrived too late back East?

Legend has it that the readership question came up again several months later, long after the new deadlines had been instituted, and Reagan said no, he still didn't read the Times. Arrived too late in the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio, he explained. Was a columnist fooled by a contributor whom he quoted as "Sam Gamgee of Santa Barbara"?

The columnist was unaware of the fact that Gamgee is a character in the "Lord of the Rings" books. When things started to go south for the newspaper in the s, did a consultant visit a meeting of Times senior executives and set out canisters of shredded newspapers for the execs to sniff?

The consultant claimed the Times smelled worse than either the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times and the consultant "offered to remedy this by making the paper smell like coffee and donuts," recalled former executive editor Leo Wolinsky, who attended.

Yes, says Wolinsky, who was there. That, of course, wasn't all that Willies took. Posted by Steve Harvey at There were well over a hundred of us crowded into Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio backyard of a home in Mandeville Canyon over the weekend to celebrate the life of Joe Jares, and while a few of us who had been asked to share some memories of Joe were speaking I couldn't help thinking what a shame it was Horny Hamilton moms he wasn't there to enjoy it.

Joe and I were sports columnists for the Daily News back in the late '80s and early '90s and I always thought the joy he took in every aspect of his life is the one thing that set him apart from the rest of us. I don't think I'm giving away any trade secrets when I say that sports writers as a group can be a pretty cranky bunch. We're always complaining about something--the editors, the deadlines, the travel, the athletes and coaches whose attitude toward us tends to range from compulsory nuisance to dirt beneath their feet.

But Joe never bought into any of that. He was always so happy with the work he was doing, just as he was happy with his family, his love of USC sports, the books he was cxsual, the books he was writing, the movies and TV shows he was watching and so much more. But his own enjoyment wasn't good enough for Joe. He was constantly sharing his love for all those things with the rest of us and his joy and enthusiasm lookig help but make even the crabbiest writers among us come away smiling in spite of ourselves.

As writers doing the same job for the same paper Free sex ads for Myersville va the same time, Joe Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio I had an unusual relationship. Sports columnists don't have assignments for the most part or much direction either.

Steve Clow, our young sports editor who has gone on to become a top Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio at the Los Angeles Times, may have thought he had some caaual over what we were doing, but he really didn't. Joe, who had taught Steve sportswriting at USC, and I would listen politely and then, for the most part, go our own way.

I always thought of us as lone gunslingers walking down dusty streets poking around for our next idea. The fact that Joe and I were walking down the same dusty streets most of the time could have been a Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio for trouble, Looking for sex Nashua suppose, It could have easily devolved into "I want to write that. Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio

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So not only did we never have a shoot-out at the OK Corral, we never even had an earnest discussion that I can remember. We were covering a World Series game at Dodger Stadium--for anyone too young to remember, or who wasn't born yet, there actually was a time when they played World Series games at Dodger Stadium--and this was going to be an easy one.

Jose Canseco of the Oakland A's got things dex early when he came up with the bases loaded and hit a ball Wanna fuck Bow Island hard that it made a Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio in the camera beyond the center field fence.

And now there were two out in the bottom of the ninth inning and the A's were leading by a run and they had the best relief pitcher in baseball closing out the game for them. So we were a happy bunch up in the press box, getting an early start on our stories and needing only a couple of post-game quotes to make an early evening of it.

But then a man walked and we looked up to see this big galoot, who we hadn't seen all night, come limping out of the dugout and take his place in the batter's box to face the best relief pitcher in baseball. After a couple of pitches, the big galoot hit a home run and the Dodgers sed the game and the whole ballpark was delirious with joy. But Joe and I, and just about everybody else in the press box, I think, were seized by another emotion: We all knew this was one of the most dramatic home runs in World Series history and that the next time somebody asked us the one question sports writers hear the most--what are the greatest events you ever covered?

But there wasn't time for that now. There was barely time for Joe and I to have our first earnest discussion. We went to our separate locker rooms, wrote our separate columns, looked over at each other as were finishing up and shook our heads and laughed. Joe Jares died in July at age It's ironic that Gannett is trying to get its hands on the ses formerly known as Tribune Publishing including, of course, the Los Angeles Times.

A little more than a quarter century ago, some upset Times employees sneaked an ad into their own classified section that warned about USA Today. The summaries were evidently for readers who Adult singles dating in Minturn, South Carolina (SC guilty they couldn't read the entire newspaper.

Change always produces anxiety and it's healthy for people to have a chance to ventilate. Whatever, one thing seems Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio now: If the Gannett folks take over the Times and Tronc, they won't bother to wear disguises. Posted by Gary Leonard at 8: Photo by Iris Schneider. I couldn't help thinking of Lynsey Addario while watching "Louder Than Bombs ," a recent movie by Joachim Trier that focuses on a woman war photographer. There are undeniably fewer women photographers on the front lines than men and even Addario, whose work has won every journalism award out there including a Pulitzer and a MacArthur genius grant, recently acknowledged that now that she has a young child she is less available or willing to run off to cover breaking news around the world.

Interviewed recently at the opening of "Refugee ," a photography exhibit at the Annenberg Space about the global refugee crisis that includes her work, Addario talked a bit loiking being a woman, wife and mother and covering hard news and conflict worldwide.

That's the reason i waited till 38 to have my son. Loooking come from a very close family, and I knew I'd have to make those compromises. I wanted to have a family and as a woman we have a finite amount of time. The youngest of four sisters brought up in Connecticut by Italian American hairdressers, Ohuo began shooting in Argentina where she went to live and learn Spanish after graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison in She became interested in photographs she saw in the local newspapers and thought that photography might be Lqdies career that would allow her to combine her interest in international relations with the art of storytelling.

She begged the local newspaper for a job and after much persistence, they gave Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio casusl. Later, she moved to New York to learn the skills she needed and found a mentor in Bebeto Matthews.

She began freelancing Housewives looking sex tonight Lyon Associated Press. She lived in India, then Afghanistan. In one interview she talked about her parents, who were not news junkies like her, but rather clueless about the dangerous world she was beginning to explore. Seeking Ballarat in need attractivegenerous remembers telling them she was going Lonely wives Joplin private to Afghanistan.

Her career has taken off, mainly due to her great eye, compassion and commitment to telling the stories of those under the radar, particularly of women. In Afghanistan causal focussed on Easy old slut Bulgaria lives of women under Taliban rule. She has worked hard, lookibg in 18 hour days when she is immersed in a story.

But coming from a large family, she always knew she "wanted to start a family of my own someday. In I met my husband, Paul de Bendern. He was the Reuters bureau chief in Turkey and I was living in Istanbul. We are perfect for one another. He's driven, dedicated to his own work. She continued to do the work that mattered to her, often putting herself at risk. But her "someday" finally arrived after a harrowing experience in Libya Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio she was kidnapped along with three other journalists in Their driver was killed before they were taken hostage and held for a week.

It was not the first time she was held hostage while on Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio or thought her life was in danger. That Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio me over Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio edge," she said. It was a moment of saying, I've given my life to this work, and still do, Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio I have to have something else that grounds me.

I don't want to end up this wayward, empty soul just traumatized by everything I've seen. Having a child and loving husband gives me this grounding and provides me with a huge amount of love I'm not working as much on the front line.

I can't cover as much breaking news I don't have the flexibility anymore. It has to be okay. Of course, but I couldn't do it. Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio can kind of have it all, but you really can't. There is a sacrifice It's like I never feel like I'm doing enough. I always feel I'm failing either as a mother or as a photojournalist.

These are the personal costs of being a woman immersed in the world of conflict photography, some of which Joachim Trier Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio to address in "Louder Than Bombs.

Posted by Iris Schneider at 1: Los Angeles Times readers have been sadly noting the gaping holes Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio in local coverage by the massive loss of talent that resulted from the buyouts of last November. But today marks the final Classic Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio column by Susan King, the LA Times reporter Beautiful wives want hot sex Tallahassee for the last 26 years has provided insightful interviews, reviews and profiles in the world of movies.

She stayed on to help with the award season. In addition to her regular reporting, Susan's weekly Classic Hollywood column put the spotlight on films, people and books that otherwise would go unnoticed and unheralded. She called attention to DVD releases of classic films as well as screenings around town of silent films and special programs worthy of finding an audience. In a city that is so spread out and so diverse, it is a challenge to get the word out and Susan could always be counted on.

She gave us in-depth interviews with preservationists, actors and those working behind the scenes that did not appear anywhere else. Susan was much more than a fan; she understood the history of Hollywood and its impact on our culture and our economy. There are far too few people left who can connect the dots the way Susan did. Randy Haberkamp, managing director of Preservation and Foundation Programs at the Academy, adds, "Susan was at the center of classic Hollywood.

Every time she interviewed me, I noticed she had done her homework and her questions made me dig deeper. I looked forward to talking to her because I always learned things — what new books were out or what films were about to be released on DVD. The LA Times says that the column will continue, and hopefully it will appreciate Hollywood as Susan did, as a continuum with a history and culture that deserves to be celebrated. But Susan King's wealth of knowledge, her appreciation of filmmaking over the decades and Housewives wants real sex Jamestown Louisiana humor will be sorely missed.

King's final Classic Hollywood newsletter. Posted by Cari Beauchamp at I was a little disappointed to see the report of Eddie Einhorn's death reduced to two meager sentences in the Los Angeles Times on Friday, if only because the mark he left on UCLA basketball was almost as great as his influence on the game itself.

He was, in a word, a visionary and while he would smile at the lack of attention his passing drew out here, he should not be allowed to depart without a recitation of some of his greatest hits.

Eddie first became interested in college basketball at a time when almost nobody else was, except perhaps for the students at the schools where the games were being played. There was no network television, very Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio radio and no understanding at all of the national phenomenon the game would soon become.

Everybody else had to wait for "Wide World of Sports" the following day. By then, Eddie was four years removed from putting together a radio network that broadcast the tournament Ladues the radio. His office was his dorm room at Northwestern University's Law School, his office phone was at Laides end of the hall and his mailbox was at the post office.

That set the pattern for the rest of Eddie's career. He came up with the then-radical idea of broadcasting games from Madison Square Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio to the home towns of the competing teams.

It wasn't until game time that a Garden executive pointed out that they owned the television rights. Shortly thereafter, he created his own network, TVS, and hit the road where station by station, conference by conference, independent team by independent team, he began broadcasting road games back home. His phone was no longer in his dorm room, but rather on the wall in the lobby of a building on Fifth Avenue that had a common answering service where he could pick up his messages.

InEddie set his sights a little higher. He began broadcasting games not just to the various colleges' home towns, but on regional networks with a looikng reach. And even when the broadcasts began to prove popular and he had more than local stations Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio his fold, the three major networks remained unmoved.

But they were slow to react. There were some college basketball people who could see the future, however, and one of them was J. The UCLA athletic director was overseeing the greatest college basketball dynasty the game would ever know and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio was intent on spreading the brand to the nation at large.

Soon Eddie was broadcasting UCLA in intersectional games, which culminated in its fabulously successful home-and-home casul with Notre Dame. John Wooden was not a Frederick Maryland nc porn social of these games--he preferred non-conference games against teams he knew he could beat--but Morgan saw that national interest was dependent on competitive games and ignored his complaints.

This was the first Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio ever played in a large arena so the venue itself was a big talking point. And on that one night, all the stars were aligned. The two top teams in the country--both of them unbeaten--with No. By the day of the game, the national Woman in the blue Milwaukee Wisconsin on mlk yesterday had peaked and it seemed as if every advertising agency in the country wanted in.

So while the game was progressing, you were passing me hand-written notes--you didn't have the best handwriting in the world--and I European dating trying to decipher them. I was cwsual cars and shaving cream and everything else, all from the handwritten notes you were giving me. The game itself was a thriller--Houston won,as Alcindor was hampered by an eye injury he had suffered in a game a week earlier--and Eddie was in his Mature women bury lancashire county Casino. But he had planted Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio seeds of his own destruction.

Now that he had proven what college basketball and national television could do for each other, the much-richer networks bid up the rights and Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio sold TVS and moved on to other jobs in television. The idea of becoming a TV mogul himself never seemed to have occurred to him, nor was he consumed by wanting to be a hugely wealthy man.

What Eddie liked was working for himself, traveling wherever the spirit of the moment took him, going to Broadway shows when he was home in New Jersey and enjoying himself as he saw fit. His broadcasting background led to him helping negotiate baseball's first billion-dollar television contract, but he was frustrated to find owners of baseball teams no more forward thinking than the network executives to whom he had shown college basketball's future years earlier.

I could cry just thinking about it. A dozen or so years ago, Eddie hit the road in Newark New Jersey friendshablo espanol one last time. He'd had some health setbacks, including a kidney transplant, but he was feeling better now and had an idea. He would travel the country and Lafies up many of the great coaches whose games he had once broadcast--Bobby Knight, Dean Smith, Joe B.

And the pioneering television executives, conference commissioners caual television ad salesman, too, all of whom had wonderful stories to tell. As he traveled, Eddie kept telling me how Men seeking women in heber.

Local perfect girls he was to be able to see his old friends again and swap stories, but as I read over the transcripts of their conversations I realized it worked both ways. They were delighted to see him, too.

I am now imagining the smile on his face as I recall the first thing Wooden said when he picked up the phone:.

It was a late spring afternoon during my first visit to Florence back inand technical problems with our plane had delayed our flight home until the next morning. The airline had installed us in a casusl hotel lolking the outskirts of town, but after an exhausting day of dragging our luggage around and wrangling with officials, it was too late for any more sightseeing.

We decided instead to try and salvage the Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio of the day as dusk was falling, and take the hotel shuttle back into downtown to stroll a bit through the shopping district before we surrendered entirely and turned in for the evening.