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This information was gathered via. My sincere thanks is extended to. Compiled by Alvan Talcott: William Chittenden was baptized Mar and died Feb He married Joanna Sheaffe who died 16 Aug From Cranbook, England to Guilford, Lymaan.

Lived Cranbrook, Kent, England. Joanna died 1 Aug Thomas Thatcher, Boston, Mass.

Thomas, died Oct Nathaniel, died Jun He married Joanna Jordan. Lived in Guilford, Conn.

William b 5 Octdied 11 Aug Josiah bdied 28 Aug uot Joseph b 26 Seeking Huron woman 27 40died 11 Friendly sex of mature people William bdied 14 Jan Simeon b 28 Decdied Lyman WA hot wife Apr Nathaniel Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Sarah, wief born 10 Aug Elizabeth Stevens who was born 14 Jul and died 15 Nov Lived in Killingworth, Conn.

Timothy b 19 Augdied 2 Nov Nathaniel b 6 Jundied Aug Joseph Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Sarah, was born 6 Sep Joseph b 3 Jan Lyman WA hot wife Benjamin b 23 May Cornelius Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Sarah, was born and died 13 Lyman WA hot wife John b 8 Jundied 1 Mar Samuel b 16 Augdied 10 Jul Gideon b 3 Lymaj Daniel b 15 Mardied, 18 May Joseph b 25 Jandied 7 Apr Ebenezer Chittenden, son of William and Hannah, was born Luman died 8 Aug Lived in East Guilford, Conn.

Ebenezer b 11 Sepdied 11 May Thomas b 6 Jandied 25 AW Timothy b 15 Nov of Salisbury, Conn: Bethuel b 24 Oct or 4 Novdied 5 Nov William Chittenden, son of William and Elizabeth, was born and died 14 Jan Sarah Bishop who was born 16 Mar and died 5 Oct William b 18 Aprdied Jared b 20 Aug Lyman WA hot wife b 18 Mardied 1 May Made deacon 25 Oct Lived North Guilford, Lymab.

Simeon b 13 Aprdied 22 Sep Nathaniel b 21 Jundied Lyman WA hot wife Jan He married 14 Nov Patience Stone who was born 12 Local girl Monungo Lived in Woodbury, Conn.

Moses b 29 Sep Elizabeth Hotchkin who was born 14 Jun and died 21 Sep Lived in North Guilford. Phyllis Johnson who was born Lyman WA hot wife Mar and died 12 Oct Samuel b 2 Novd 27 May Noah b 31 Juldied 28 Sep Benjamin b 23 Novdied 1 Sep He was married 21 Mar Abigail Bishop who was born 19 Apr Lived in New Milford, Conn.

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Timothy b 20 Aprdied 19 Dec Deborah Strong who was born Feb and Lyman WA hot wife 13 Nov Had 4 other children.

Jared b 3 Lymsndied 2 Apr Elizabeth Ward who was born 14 Mar and died 17 Sep Lived Lyman WA hot wife North Guilford, Conn. William, b 28 Maydied 27 Feb Levi b 21 Maydied 11 Nov Amos b 15 Augdied 10 Aug Anson b 11 Mardied 21 Jan Abel b 22 Juldied 27 Aug Joel b 9 Lyman WA hot wifedied 29 Jan Joseph Stone b 23 Mardied 18 Apr Calvin Chittenden, son of William and wid. Sarah Bishop was born 18 Mar and died 1 May Lived in Richmond, Mass.

Simeon Chittenden, son of Dea.

Simeon and Submit Scranton was born 13 Apr and died 22 Sep David b 23 Sepdied 28 Jul Abel b 31 Augdied 5 Dec Simeon b 3 JanLyman WA hot wife 19 Apr Reuben b 21 May Daniel b 8 Augdied 23 Tulsas swinger singles Jonathan b 21 Oct twin died 23 Dec Mehitabel Beebe who was born Dec and died 25 Nov Lived in Killingworth and Saybrook, Conn.

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