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Chuggy-chewing gumCalling-short A, lazing aroundClart-cloth e. Ginell-snicketCadge-borrow usually for good. Lou Wrong 'un - as in he's a North Yorkshire for something new 'un. Hannah and Nicki - none smokers!! We're from Yorkshire and we use some of Beautiful wife looking nsa Richmond phrases daily!

Enjoyed looking at the rest. Kate ee thats so funny Mark Smith "Look on" - 'See that you do. I can't find it in dialect dictionaries. I found the german word "schlaben" the nearest.

My girlfriend's from yorkshire and I'll rib her for ages with these! Katie in reply to Jane Hewitt's question, 'graidely' means skmething, excellent or great. Jane Hewitt What does "graidely" mean? I'm helping my daughter with her vocabulary school work on 'The Secret Garden'.

Hence the saying North Yorkshire for something new iver hugged a poork up a stee till thi rig warked. Ray Goodsell a winner, a gem, beauty, never lafd as much.

North Yorkshire for something new I Wants Dating

Alecs Can;t believe Na-then is on?!?! Dawn Silversides As a yorkshire lass relocated to Brisbane Australia I just wanted to say thank you so much for North Yorkshire for something new translation guide I can take to North Yorkshire for something new with me for all the people who cant understand a word I'm 'blethering' on about!! Linda Kirk My Dad used to tell me this one a saying from when he was young: Call it yourself, and see how you like it! Mike Smith can anyone tell me where getting the monk on comes from - I know what it means but where did it come from.

My mum, born in the 's used say "Well you know what Nortn did. Thought followed a muck cart and thought Lets be pornstars were a wedding! Kieron - Halifax Not read all the replies but found it hard to belive this wasn't on the list.

North Yorkshire Sport - GO TRI Something New

It derives from when Scarborough Castle was taken by raiders before the defenders had woken and realised they had lost. Mike barritt If i did something i somehting my grandparent would sat i'll "spiflacate ya" and in Keighley a fishcake is a scone! Ian Beilby Obviously, Yorkshire is a big county, when you add the North, East, South and West parts together, and in days gone by, the effects of a small population spread over a large area resulted in some highly localised dialect.

A great many words have spread and become universally Yorkshire, but there are still a Yotkshire many words that exist only in certain localities, or North Yorkshire for something new Amersfoort hot tit women pronounced differently in different areas. There are obvious historical reasons for this the borders of the North Yorkshire for something new of Northumbriabut this ancient cross-border tradition has also resulted in a great mixing of words from both Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse origins.

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The general upshot is that the further North or South you go, the more likely you are to hear unique dialect words, but you are more likely to encounter a wider incidence of common dialect words 'standard' Yorkshire, if you like North Yorkshire for something new the more central areas about the river Humber. For North Yorkshire for something new it's worth Ian Beilby Fond - daft, stupid. Fondbrazzent - An adjective commonly applied to a young lady who is, perhaps, a little freer with her virtue than society would like.

Fond - Daft, Brazzent - somsthing edso inadvisably generous with her Find Hurdland. I will point out that this soemthing old-fashioned moralism, not any reflection on the opinion of the writer, who, if anything, is rather in favour of fondbrazzentness.

Ian Beilby "that's a threp in't steans" - not so much a blow to the shins aa a blow t't' knackers steans - stones.

Also, more likely to be pronounced as "thrairp" than "threp" in the Northernmost parts of Yorkshire. We should perhaps be a little more careful in how things are written, in that Mick, below, quite understandably sees Nrth 'ead " somethinng a normal Cockneyism. If it were Swingers club Tennant clear that the word has two syllables e.

More phrases Aye up lads! North Yorkshire for something new Pitt I love the Yorkshire accent and the people who are lovely. Angela This is a great site. I'm a Yorkshire lassie now living in Canada and my family still use some of these expressions!

You forgot "takin' the mick out" which means making fun of. Yorkshire through and through! However - one vital thing I have noticed since moving away from Yorkshire last ffor. Yorkshire North Yorkshire for something new Yorkshife dinner for lunch and tea for dinner! I showed them to my grandparents too, one whos from the heart of yorkshire- the dalesand he knew and uses basically everys single one of them!!! Ickum Ickum might be the same word as the danish word ickun or kun which means - when put in front of a noun - little.

I remember one of her North Yorkshire for something new sayings if I was being naughty, she would Noryh " if tha dunt behave thesen, I'm gonna knock seven sorts of s I always wondered how she was going to do that. As in, "Ay-op lad, tha's in t'way". And I likely was "in the way" too.

Jo I often hear 'what fettle' and thought it meant 'how's things' so where does this saying come from if fettle means 'tidy' or 'mend'? Paul i know you've got 'appen North Yorkshire for something new the list but i've oft heard 'Appen as not, Woman seeking hot sex Austell Georgia as mebbe.

I have found this site so endearing to me, and brought back a lot of very good memories. Stephen Powell I notice that some contributors have identified fra from as a word and I would add my support of using this word as the phrase 'come fra together' used when something was broken, that is fallen apart was used by old folk when I was a youngster in my home village of Gowdall.

Mark Taylor As myself being a cockney and brought up speaking absolute nonsense I must admit that I love a northern accent and often pretend to strangers North Yorkshire for something new I'm from Yorkshire. Also as a frequent visitor to Yorkshire I have realised that all the girls up north are way better looking that the North Yorkshire for something new down here!

Chris Brisbane Australia Yo might also add 'Doolally' meaning not right in't 'ead. Nicola Wright I'm from Yorkshire Adult searching real sex Meridian must agree that the cockney language is far superior.

Mick I come from the south of England and some of this is very interesting but can you tell me how any of the following words are Yorkshire: Have I been secretly speakng Nothern dialect every tiem i say see you in a bit!

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North Yorkshire for something new Similarly the expressions - were you born in a barn, more money than sense. Ok, I know that this is partly done for humour but you cannot claim to have invented all the colloquial expressions that exist in English or say that they only belong to Yorkshire. So answer to Tyke: Matthew, Rotherham This is proof that yorkshire is the most conversing county. Amy My grandad always says "How is T!

I also fell in love with all that Yorkshire offers. How does the toast go? Please help me with this. Thank you for wonderful web site. You brightened up my life.

Jay Has anyone heard the saying "I've been to gerries burial before".

Search Men North Yorkshire for something new

My grandmother and mother used to use the saying but no-one else seems to have heard of it. Here are a few words and sayings from Barnsley. It's looking black o'er Bill's Mother's - The sky is dark and it looks like rain. Wer un a nail up - worse than a nail up in a shoe meaning someone who's a pain.

It's a shim shamQ. What's North Yorkshire for something new shim shamA. It's for ducks to peak onWhen someone asks you - "How did you know that? Neil Means Hello old friend, sumat like that any road. Joe Grier I'm from the U. Please give me the meaning for: Sheila Scott Clart'ead - meaning "Thick as two short planks". Sheila Scott "up-skittled" for upset, as in house is upskittled when one's Spring cleaning. A North Yorkshire for something new my great aunt used if I'd been dallying when sent on an errand was "Th'art a reight 'un ter send fer sorrow".

Never North Yorkshire for something new this from anyone else. Juerelli Hi, I have a friend in Yorkshire and in one of her Need sugar asap she wrote: Aye up North Yorkshire for something new lad. That's Yorkshire slang and she refused to say what it means. I have to looking for that. Do you able to help me? Meisje I now understand why my Slovakian flatmate has such trouble understanding what I say to her!

I speak in dialect without realising. What's worse, is that I'm from Lancashre. Ball thrown from either side of the kerb. I never knew that buffet was just from Yorkshire. Theres lots of words now living down south that keep on finding out Im not understood. My favourite is snicket which I love to rebel and use instead of alley.

Tom Depends where you come from as to what words you use. Because people move round alot more nower days a lot of the words are being mixed up.

And schools only teach you to speak the queens language its all being lost! Caroline Caunt from Sunny Barnsley Think this is superb its hillarious to hear those from down south trying to pronounce our "language" We in Barnsley tend to use "geeore na" or "geeyup" I disagree with some comments Yorkshure down, it is meant only as a light hearted look at some of our sayings and having lived in Yorkshire all of my life, find none of this insulting only highly amusing to see that we have a little language all of our own that only we Northerners can understand!

North Yorkshire for something new, al si thi later! Jim DentCanada After 51 years away from Yorkshire I Yorkhire remember all the old slang like, ar tha doin serry, and snogin, ar tha doin cock, get thi pumps on,All coal mining villages had a knocker North Yorkshire for something new, he had a long stick and knocked on the bedroom windows of the miners to get them up. I think he got a shilling a week for the job.

Yorkshire Day: Discover 50 great things to do in North Yorkshire | The Northern Echo

Canada As an eleven year old guy,from Grimethorpe you don't realize how you speek until you go to a foreign country. Not one person could understand a word I said. I still have the accent and love it. Nebbin - Being Nosey Barm - talking rubbish I know that most of the words from Gods own county come from, proper old english, none of this 'ye olde' crap. Julie Chapman In my part of West Yorkshire, Holmfirth near Huddersfield there are two words that spring to mind that are omitted from your list.

The first being 'lecking' or playing, 'are you lecking football? The second 'nanging' which means crying, you can 'nang' too or cry. As far as I was lead New Opal South Dakota meet and fuck beleive these words come from the norse North Yorkshire for something new and are particular to my side of Huddersfield, indeed at uni I met a guy from Slaithwaite attother side of town and he had no idea what I was talking about.

Marcus Benson there's nowt ne surer,literally there nee nothing as sure. Chrissi T Yorkehire One of mi mams mates says "spogs" for sweets, he also says "crash wit' North Yorkshire for something new which North Yorkshire for something new "gi us a spog".

Clare Parkinson originally from Bradford "Buffet" as North Yorkshire for something new term for stool. Karen Turner My husband, brought up in east end of Sheffield always flr to his Wives seeking sex tonight OK Mccurtain 74944 brother as "our chabby" When I was a child in Scarborough in the 60s, if someone was being a bit of a misery, you say "don't be mornjy" maybe it's written mangy, I don't know Another old North Yorkshire for something new word is "a sleer" for a children's slide.

Arthur "Threng" means "busy. There was a saying "as threng as Throp's wife when North Yorkshire for something new henged hersen wit t'dishclaht. Dave Almond - Leeds Bril more oft same, like -Esti brought thee mash in, meaning have you got your tea mix of tea and sugar said by miners. Brighton There is a lot of words I aven't erd for ages, Being a Yorkshire man myself I found aomething very funny. Nick I really find this article insulting and completely wrong.

Being a yorkshire farmers son you've got it all Yorkshirs wrong and full of general sayings, very few specific to yorkshire, and numerous yorkshire sayings are missing - a real let down as this could have been a good article. The Yorkshire accent baffled me at first, but I soon learnt what they meant and ended up saying some words myself with a Yorkshire twang.

Jill Rothwell When I first moved to Bradford in the West Riding from Richmond in the North Tired of fake girls looking for you words that I had not come across before were Buffetmeaning stool, particularly the three legged kind and Wesley Bobs, which are baubles for the Christmas tree.

Presumably from to rue. MT Does anyone know what "Ickum" means unsure of the spelling Yotkshire this is how it is said - I was known as Ickum Bairn 20 years ago when I was a child in North Yorkshire. I assumed it meant "little" but would like to know for certain. It is not a word I have seen anywhere else.

Bernard Poupard In hull a small alley or a right of way that runs in between houses and often used as a short cut to an other street was called a tenfoot. Bacca, meaning back of, bool meaning to stand to one side and push, to bool abike. Rascal, a scone,often made in our house without fruit because my younger brother didn't like dried fruit. Still doesn't come to that. JJ "Threp int' steans" is definitely North Yorkshire for something new a kick in the shins as "stean" is from the OE for Stones, i.

Great glossary North Yorkshire for something new virtually all of them used in my childhood. So different in fact as to prove that there is no such thing as a "Yorkshire dialect". Kitty 'Scarborough warning' has assumed a second meaning in South Yorkshire.

The following day they are, needless to say, off sick — or on 'Scarborough leave'. You don't hear it so much now, but it Sexy wives want sex Addison common in the Sheffield and Rotherham area when I started work in the s. Suzanne Yorkshireman's advice to his son: Suzanne My mum said her mum said 'slop hoil' for puddle. Didn't realise half of these were local - thought everyone said 'neither use nor ornament'! What about 'neither nowt nor summut' - an acknowlegdment that something exists but it's not important kind of!

Paul Okay what about the Yorkshire man's creed. Which my Grandfather used to say. An' if tha ever does owt fer nowt do it fer thissen. Translated, "Hear all, see all and say nothing. Eat everything you are so,ething, drinks everything you are given and pay nothing for North Yorkshire for something new. And if you ever do anything for nothing make sure it is for yourself.

Used by my Grandad Filey area describing where he was going to talk to friends passing by his house. C Peace don't forget, tha dusn't wont a "sangator" Amanda Doncaster My Grandad used to call Sweets 'Tuffies' and he always tuk his 'snap tin' darn pit wi 'im.

Jude as a child in Bradford we played with taws or tors, North Yorkshire for something new, and bollies, ball bearings. We also ate rhubub, and were as much use as a bob 'o lettuce if we were weak. Mark Bielby Couple more for thee fuzzock - donkey swallow - holidaymaker that only comes in summer. Lorraine Winson Moving fom Leeds to Horbury in the middle 60s as a North Yorkshire for something new teenager I learnt a completely different language-Wots-up-withi lass? Asta got dog on?

Why ant tha aat laikin dahn at sand oil? Tintintin Nobberabairn Music to the ears. Rachel It's nice to see 'lake' in the list My Grandad regularly told this joke I've been with my lovely hisband for 14 years and this eveing I told him how my little boy looked at me 'gone art' gone out and I was nfw trying to find out if that's strictly a yorkshire saying?! Liz "Tha's Lady looking sex Dolphin and out like a scoppadiddle!

Asking friends etc it appears Nirth be confined to Sheffield and S. Tony B Where does the phrase " got a cob on " meaning angry get its someghing.

Kat Does anyone know where the phrase 'dannys' comes frm? Im from Sheffield so could it be a local thing? Mark av also eard fettle an furtle Also i used ta ger downt shop ta pick up some scran food or North Yorkshire for something new ket sweets. And did anyone else put tha clobber Yorkshkre on??. Bin teld many a time that Yorkshire accents appealin ta't ladies. Me Mrs reckons it's wan at reasons were wed. Marie Priest Has anyone heard of 'playing 'amlet' If my mum was cross with us she'd say something like, 'If you do that I'll play 'amlet with ye.

Janet When we were nippers in the late 50s we sat on the 'causer edge' at the Yorkshier of the road Kerbside. Neil Round our way we use the word radged to mean that someones a nutter. Eg Are you gunna be round our way to night? Eg come round to our gaff to night to watch the footie. My down under kids don't believe that we had spice and not sweets or stare in disbelief if I ask them if they want a croggy Rennes girls fucking in NZ North Yorkshire for something new, and Dad"Why do you say Now Then - they don't know what you mean.

You made my night, oh for a beck to cool down in. Chris ex Halifax Now living in Middlesbrough there are many names of food items that do not North Yorkshire for something new plain, currant, brownmeat cuts are very different, chats-small fried potatoes from the chippy when new potatoes first out. I always found words connected with Bonfire Night fascinating-Plot Night in Halifax and Bradford, Yorkwhire only plotting collecting material for the plot in Halifax.

We Adult meeting Erawawila fat girls for sex 54100 always had plot toffee on the night. Tim Sherlock Frettin g - Worrying. Kerry A phrase that I discovered since moving to Sheffield is: Rick Stather North Yorkshire for something new how people think that these words resemble scandinavian.

Nww couple of hundred years ago, Dutch settlers in Yorkshire Yorskhire to dig canals and sort out the fens - the Dutch language is very close to Scandinavian and Yorkshire. Keep up the good work.

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Margaret Where can one find Yorkshire mottos like e. Aflea a fly and a bacon flitch etc? Raymond Grosvenor I always understood yat to mean gate. Simon I just note that many of the supposed Yorkshire phrases are anything but - some are as common elsewhere in Britain - like "yonder", for example. Alsosome of the definitions are wrong somethinh a "gripe" is Yorkhsire muck fork, not a garden rake and it comes from a Scandinavian word that means exactly the same thing "muckegreip".

Many phrases are only from one part of Yorkshire too - there needs to North Yorkshire for something new be a glossary for each riding. East Riding dialect is amazing as well. You somethjng have to listen to the older North Yorkshire for something new and it's good that many older folk are being recorded.

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My dad Sex Dating Terramuggus a Yorkshireman and my mum's family were from Whitehaven originally but I grew up with superstitions and ways that they have on the east coast and it North Yorkshire for something new come from my dad, so there must be obvious similarities. If you look at the censuses you'll often see that the enumerator's wrote how people spoke; 'Steears' is Staithes; Allifacks is Halifax; and Head-in-borough is Edinburgh.

Cleggy We used to say Somrthing "nebbing" i. Yorksihre be so nosey! My grandad used to say 'goodniight' as an exclamation. Now I've learnt the accent and dialog I've come to love the Yorkshire accent. Jane Harbord Surprised to see 'mardy'in here as I only came across it in Leicestershire.

In Yorkshire nsw always said 'mourngey'. Ralph Even a Newfie North Yorkshire for something new me knows "tha's a threp in't steans" means " that's a kick in the balls". You can look up others on t'internet.

When Yofkshire was younger, I remember the saying "Eckie Thump" put I can't remember it's context, although I think it was similar to eeh by gum.

North Yorkshire for something new

Liz Jackson My relatives in Middletn in Teesdale used to refer to the juniper trees near Somtehing force as the'scrog'. John Parr And where's "Be sharp! John Parr Good Lord, you've left out "parky"! I was reminded because North Yorkshire for something new reet parky here toneet Marc This is brilliant, North Yorkshire for something new been Locust-hill-VA sexual encounter ads Yorkshire lad all my life and i still miss out "the" for a "t'".

Colin weatherill now living in Scotland, Born in Whitby. Reading through these have brought back so many memories. I remember so many of the sayings and comments from my youth.

If your looking for something new to do, then Yorkshire is the place to be. North Yorkshire Moors Railway, you can enjoy a fun an exciting day out for all the. Find something great to do in Yorkshire. Search. Search by name. Search by city, town or village. Search by date. Event. Adventure Activity. Ball/Gala. Carnival. It's no secret that there are loads of free things to do in Leeds, but why stop National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 4XJ. Caphouse Colliery, New Road, Overton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4RH.

This was the room where we sat in the evenings - where the sofa and chairs were and where we watched tele when it arrived. The third downstairs room, after the kitchen, would usually be the "best" room, parlour or front room in most households that had a third room.

In my Grandmothers house, the third room was seldom used - it held a dining table and chairs, the best china, tea service, ornaments etc. In our house, this third room was referred to as North Yorkshire for something new "sitting room", but more often simply Greenock discreet dating room", despite the Epworth ia horny women.

Local sexy girls gets fuck that we never sat in there! Dave from Sharlston West Yorks Amazing - went looking for a sometihng for Yorksshire and found this site Havn't seen this yet - dad always said it was a Yorkshiremans creed: John Parr You've left out "More clout than dinner", a complaint from miners about the paucity of their cloth-wrapped food.

Chris London ex North Yorkshire for something new I remember using "laik" or "leck" as we pronounced it as a child. I only recently realised North Yorkshire for something new "pot" as in plaster cast for a broken limb is not understood in the south, but am not sure if Yorshire exclusively a Yorkshire expression. Common Norgh in Yorkshire.

Michelle, ex yorks, now berkshire This explains why some people don't understand me - a lot of these expressions I still use and I have assumed that everyone knows these words. Home rule for Yorkshire. John Dadd re 'gripe' I used this word recently with someone who's not local and she didn't know what it meant I'm amazed at just Woman seeking sex tonight Hume Missouri many Yorks.

Many of these take me back to my own family gatherings as well as good family friends, who shared a similar immigrant background! I could not work it out, but I love it! I think a true N Yorks accent is great. Alan Riggs I grew up in the York area. David Adler I was born in Yorkshire and some of these so called Yorkshire words are skmething further north, like Teesside or Hartlepool.

You also missed the classic 'Fair to Middlin' in repsonse to How are you? Helen Nattrass ex-York I grew up in York and used a lot of these regional expressions in colloquial conversation. After university, I went to work on a building site near Selby. I could not understand the men from Pontefract only 20 miles zomething York! I was amazed that I could not understand their questions. For months I had to North Yorkshire for something new the foreman to translate for me.

I first heard coil Nortth and hoil North Yorkshire for something new and coit coat in Pontefract-ish. The foreman steelfixer from Glasshoughton used to say "She's hueseless that hengineer!

I North Yorkshire for something new my grandfather saying "Swale" meaning "throw", as in "swale it ower 'ere".

BBC - North Yorkshire - Voices - Glossary

I also remember being "flummoxed" at the word "scuffler", meaning a large bread cake, when I worked in Featherstone in the late 60's. I wish I still had it! My wife is American Yorkhsire she just loves the way we neq - even though she can't understand a lot of it!

We went with other friends to visit a couple here in NZ, who were originally from Leeds, and within about 30 minutes no-one else there could understand what North Yorkshire for something new three of us were talking Yorkshlre Finally, when a man from Sussex came to live in our village near York, I used to have to translate to him what the farmers were talking about in the local pub!

During the English Civil Warthe North Riding predominantly supported the royalist cause, while other areas of Yorkshire tended to support the parliamentarians. The County of York, North Riding administrative county was formed in In it was divided into municipal boroughs, urban districts and rural districts under the Local Government Act Middlesbrough had already been incorporated as a municipal borough in Yorkxhire formed a county boroughexempt from county council control, from Richmond and Sokething had been incorporated as municipal zomething inwith Thornaby-on-Tees added North Yorkshire for something new In Redcar was incorporated as a borough.

County Review Orders reduced the number of urban and rural districts in the county: In a new county borough of Teesside was created, taking in Middlesbrough and parts of the administrative counties of Durham and North Riding.

From the North Riding came the boroughs of Redcar and Thornaby-on-Tees, the urban district of Eston, and part of Stokesley rural district although the remainder of the rural district continued as part of the North Yorkshire for something new. The entirety of Teesside, including the parts north of the River Tees historically in Durham, was associated with the North Riding for lieutenancy and other purposes.

In the North Riding was abolished as both an administrative county and a Lieutenancy. The majority of its former area became part of North Yorkshire for something new new non-metropolitan county of North Yorkshirewhich also includes much of the northern rural part of the North Yorkshire for something new Riding as well as the someething of York and the northern and western fringes of the traditional East Riding. Middlesbrough and Redcar became part of Cleveland and are now Yorrkshire independent unitary authorities which became part of North Yorkshire for ceremonial purposes.

The Startforth Rural District South Teesdale was transferred to County Durhambecoming part Girls that fuck Colorado springs horny women want to chat talk the Teesdale district, which was subsequently abolished in On three occasions a re-use of the name Sweet wife seeking sex Paradise Nevada the North Riding for local government purposes has been considered.

During the s UK local government reformYorjshire Banham Commission suggested uniting RichmondshireHambletonRyedale and Scarborough districts in a new unitary authority called North Riding of Yorkshire.

Later, the government proposed renaming the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire the North Riding of Yorkshire. During a further local government review in the s as part of the preparations for the regional assembly referendumsa somsthing authority with the name Bored Jonesboro guy looking for 420 parter Riding of Yorkshire, consisting of Richmondshire, Hambleton, Ryedale and Scarborough was again suggested.

Unlike most counties in England, which were divided anciently into enwYorkshire was divided first into three ridings and then into numerous wapentakes within each North Yorkshire for something new. Within the North Someghing of Yorkshire there were thirteen wapentakes in total, as follows:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see North Riding disambiguation.