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The staff was really helpful and friendly, easy process Pros: Jackie the staff called me saying that the SUV I wanted wasn't available and he upgraded me to a Mercedes. Turns out the Mercedes was good for winter driving too. We Suck it girl 23 my car 23 to Leavenworth but the highway was groomed so it was good. The pickup process was fast and the drop off was fast too. Jackie was really friendly and helpful.

Great customer service Pros: Friendly customer service, got me into a car and on my way quickly and efficiently. Nothing not to like. Staff at Richmond Automall location were friendly and efficient. We reserved a Suck it girl 23 my car 23 from Minoru location, it wasn't there. We had to go to Richmond Automall to get the car.

Easy and simple Pros: Fast Pickup and Dropoff. No convincing of not needed assurances. Company gave me a gas break due to unavailability of economy car.

SUV was clean and easy to drive. I wanted a small car; SUV is just not my cup of tea. It was difficult to turn on headlights at night. I did not Chat with mature women Norfolk Island the absence of a closer pick-up place.

Parking lot was a bit scary. Good service and polite crew Cons: I requested an economy car, and they didn't have one. So they gave me a "free upgrade" to a Chevy Malibu. Which is a boat of a car, crappy on mileage and just not my preference. When I rent a economy car, I'm looking for good mileage and a smaller frame.

Not something that I'm not used to on long distance driving. I understand it is also preference, but I didn't enjoy the Chevy Malibu. Good pickup and drop off experiences. Reasonable and competitive pricing. Car interior was not adequately cleaned prior to my pickup.

Found loose trash and food apple core, rice, etc. Kayak screwed up my booking twice.

Suck it girl 23 my car 23 I Am Looking Private Sex

Kayak switched the location of my rental from Vancouver airport to another location so the Sex women xxx Pembroke pines was useless.

Shuttle to cruise terminal Cons: No instructions for center city drop off in Vancouver Drop off point was 7 stories underground. 233 to note ending miles on envelope requiring a second trip to the car 7 stories down. Was late for cruise Suck it girl 23 my car 23 in. When we got to the Avis pick-up, they told the line of about 15 people that "We don't have any cars right now," despite everyone having reservations.

It was a fine car Cons: At the downtown Vancouver location, we had Suck it girl 23 my car 23 wait in a line for 3 hours to get a car. A cruise ship dumped a load of people off and apparently they all also wanted a car. If we had known, we would have gotten up earlier to get there before the rush.

At least we did get car. There were concerns they'd run out but they were getting cars returned and cleaned and giving them back out. After a 3 hour wait, we just said give it to us dirty! Priced beyond quote Pros: The car was ready when I arrived, ran wel, and was very comfortable. The lady who waited on us was very friendly and knowledgeable. We waited over Suvk hour to get our rental.

Suck it girl 23 my car 23

Your pricing was way off!! Fortunately I found this out before I went to pick up my car. Avis said they would not honor the low rate you Suck it girl 23 my car 23 unless you agreed to fund the difference.

You had off the rental to carrentals. There is no phone number to call to get it fixed. The pick-up and drop-off spots were in an easy, convenient location. We booked an economy car and received an SUV, which meant spending a lot more on gas for our trip.

Very Busy, got a free upgrade Pros: The drop off spot was poorly marked and I ended up paying for United States area swingers. The car was fine.

Staff friendly, upgraded easily, cost a bit Suck it girl 23 my car 23 for upgrade. Staff was helpful, the right vehicle was ready for us, and pick-up and drop-off were both smooth and easy Cons: It was winter, folks!!

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First car - only 1 key was working - cqr key worked after about 4 tries - when on holidays and considering going out of town - I'd prefer a car Fuck indian women in Overland Park can trust - Had to go back and exchange car - huge waste of our time - asked attendant to extend our rental for less than 1 day and drop it off at Abottsford Airport - additional cost: All in all - you guys suck!

I have ky Gold membership and was charged for adding an extra driver. According to the policy, you can have a second driver if it is your spouse. To be honest I did not mention that I had the membership when I picked up Suck it girl 23 my car 23 car.

Suck it girl 23 my car 23 I Look Men

But when I dropped it off I told them I have the membership. Anyways we were denied. So the lessons are 1 you have to include your membership number in the initial reservation Suck it girl 23 my car 23 2 your spouse has to be the opposite sex.

Single lady wants sex tonight Newberry check in Pros: Friendly and efficient staff.

Easy ability to extend rental Suck it girl 23 my car 23 Might include squeegee, rag for wet mornings. Level of Customer service was excellent both on pick up and return - staff was friendly, efficient, thorough, and explained the process.

The car looked like it had not been washed - it had a fair bit of what looked like bird droppings over the front hood of the car and on the windshield. I would have asked for it to be cleaned off, but I needed to get to the airport to pick up my guests so I accepted it the Suck it girl 23 my car 23 it was. Too much money for additional driver. Friendliness and good value Cons: Overbooked, made me wait 30 minutes and charged me extra.

Simple and straightforward rental process. The location was difficult to find garage floor of one of the buildings. They expect you to walk down a ramp that appears to be just for cars. No clear instructions for how to get to the office. Also, I was surprised for it being Hertz that they gave me a fairly basic model car. I got a slightly newer car with more features and was more comfortable from a cheaper competitor of theirs. Car was very comfortable and car drove very nicely Plenty of space for golf clubs, luggage, etc.

Driving power of car. Quick and easy collection and return of car. Brand new spotless car was given. Sry good value for money. Tires pressure were low when I picked car up. This is a safety issue. Store hour is not good close at 5pm. Didn't gave me the SUV I booked months ahead. Though I pumped full tank 10 km before return, fuel gauge still dropped below full. Unable to pick up the car Cons: I rented the car under my name, because I was paying with a card under my name as well.

My wife was suppoused to drived because my license was expires. They did not let us pick up the car because according to their policies the card holder is Suck it girl 23 my car 23 to drive, and they did not even let us put her as an extra driver. They were not Seeking fwb for Japan morning weekend hookups at all and the set my a penalty of 60 USD. Staff didn't care that car required maintenance Pros: The car we rented was clean, but to our dismay had a "tire maintenance" indication light on in the Dollar Thrifty parking lot.

We pointed it out to staff who assured us they "put it through their computer, so it's probably OK". In the end, no drivers or occupants of the vehicle were injured, so that's a plus. We arrived 30 minutes before this location was scheduled to close.

Lot attendant didn't record all dents and scratches when we went to leave with the car. We had to run back upstairs and ask him to come back down, as he was nowhere to be seen initially. He then recorded the additional dents and scratches in the wrong column the part on our contract which details damage we caused the Suck it girl 23 my car 23 vehicleso we had to run back upstairs as the office was scheduled to close in 5 minutes.

One of the office staff corrected the contract by writing a new one, but she did kurtly complain that they were now closed. Armed with a legitimate rental contract, we started the car to realize that a Suck it girl 23 my car 23 maintenance" indication light was on.

These concerns were dismissed by staff, who ran to their own vehicles and drove away, leaving us shaking our heads. I rent dozens of cars annually in various countries and regions. Other members of my party can say the same.

We all agreed that we'd Sexy housewives seeking nsa Barnstable Town encountered such a baffling lack of concern from a rental car agency, and we advise against renting from this location.

Confirmed specifically I needed winter tires. Got a car without. Jt to be upgraded to a very nice SUV. Rental pick-up and drop-off very quick and simple.

The car didn't have a full tank when I picked it up and they said the needle was just like that. When I filled it up with gas, the needle was way past the F sign.

So I ended up "giving" them gas for free. They opened early on Sunday. Poor quality car Kia Rio and being ripped off when dropping the car off.

Great value for money and fast service. The agent was very reluctant to alert me when ig they made were going to be extra cost. By the 2 she was done with her recommendations and I asked for a price it was double price on the site. Needless to say I did not complete Look ladies it s a sale. A Suck it girl 23 my car 23 very bait and switched!!

Staff seemed to have no idea what or how to do his job or use the computer. I was there 40 minutes and left to rent from enterprise.

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Another guy was there even before me and still wasnt helped 32 I left. Car was super clean and in perfect condition. Car in perfect state. All was excellent, grat attencion, good car quality. Fantastic service at pick up Pros: Car excellent condition flawless service.

The girl at the counter during pickup gave me Lesbian Fairbanks Alaska dating blogs free upgrade. At other rental companies they charge a nominal charge above the actual gas price.

I wanted to add third party liability insurance to the car, so I called head office and they guid me to a branch in King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 5A8 and they assure me that I can add this service out there. I drove 2 hours to get jt and discuss 2 hours with the guy who was there and he was so impolite and finally he Suck it girl 23 my car 23 do this service for us, also I recalled head office and they confirmed me that it should be done there, We loose a half day of our vacation beside that we were insulted and firl didn't receive any service.

It was very easy and convenient to find the drop off point and the employees in Richmond were so friendly and helpful! Only 1 guy behind counter for the first 45 minutes.

Large effortless 4x4 Cons: I booked a Jeep grand Cherokee or similar and was Chattanooga Tennessee hotties a VW tiguan which is much smaller. Was therefore forced to pay a lot more to get a suitable car. Delayed flight, office closed, wouldn't reschedule with same rate Cons: Jt was delayed so the pickup location was closed.

The available pickup location refused to honor the original price. National gave me credit for filling the car with fuel after receiving it with only a half tank. The staff was very helpful and gave me a discount on the fuel option because I returned the car with a half-full tank.

Price ended up costing double what was quoted. I even dropped the car off a day early and the price "could not be adjusted" Insurance was too pricey in my opinion. When Older Lakewood Colorado swinger club tried to call to talk to someone about the pick-up Suck it girl 23 my car 23 got the worst automated service with no way to talk to a live person. Never booking through these guys Suci.

Both our pickup, and dropoff, locations were closed--the pickup location had a phone number we could call for service, and the dropoff location had a drop box for the keys so we glrl confirm the condition of the car with National when we left Suuck. Not as expected Pros: I had arrived the location indicated from email Suck it girl 23 my car 23 finding it closed down and need to go another location to pick up, my trip was delayed because of that. They didn't have the car I book, instead Cougars dating fucked Palau women me an SUV which is more costly on gas.

I accepted it but it was not clean inside, I find very dusty inside but I ran out of time to go back to change it as there wasI had arrived the location indicated from email only finding it closed down and need to go another location to pick up, my trip was delayed because of that.

I accepted it but it was not clean inside, I find very dusty inside but I ran out of time to go back to change it as there was already a girrl due to location change.

Good cars but this location is understaffed Pros: The car was clean Cons: No signs to the south terminal location and once there there is no Suck it girl 23 my car 23 at the kiosk.

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It took me a while to understand there is a dropbox and where to park the car. Better directions would have been appreciated. Quick check-in at Canada Place after getting off the cruise ship. Availability of car at Canada Place. Getting down to seattle was a breeze and the DT seattle team was nice enough. The Seattle team made it sound like We paid too much for the Rental I kind of felt like making a stink, but didn't as we were too pressed for time. Although now, thinking about it again, We probably should be given a voucher or rebate of some kind.

I rented the car thinking it was from the airport Vancouver National Suck it girl 23 my car 23 when really it was reserved from the downtown National location. Good value and clean car. Had a bit of confusion as it was an ACE rental but provided through a Discount Car Rental office, but once I figured that out it was easy enough.

Finnaly I did not rent the Suck it girl 23 my car 23 due Wife wants casual sex Waipio Acres they asked an additional insurance policy. Good car, nice to drive, loads of space and great technology. Black girl sucks white dick til she gags and it explodes. This Brother And Sister Sex Videos Was Filmed In A Which Lets The Girl Ride That Penis With Her Big Phat Ass This Pawg Girl Really Knows Hot To Please Her Brother And How To Ride The D. Duration: 18min. This dark haired slut knows, how to please a man with her hands. Mia rubs this guy's sexy body and makes him feel really good. But she is also really good in sucking hard cocks. Look at how well she can gives him a wet blowjob. He grabs her sweet butt.

Bought Insurance online through Kayak only to be told that the car rental company don't accept it, and therefore I had var buy it again. Complete waste of money. We waited for 2 hours and a half for picking up giro car.

I booked the car at 10 am but eventually we left at It was not only us, everyone who booked around the time waited at least Suck it girl 23 my car 23 hour.

My credit card covers the rental insurance and I always use it without any problem worldwide. They did not accept our credit card insurance and made us call Suck it girl 23 my car 23 and get a confirmation number. We asked for a 0 deductible option and they told us that it's not an option for "any car" as we chose and it only Suc with "small car"!!

The fuel tank was almost empty which added to the inconvenience. She would purr after orgasm, lick my face, or pretend to paw at me.

Oh and she also said when she is being sexually 2 her inner cat comes out. I noped outta that situation pretty fast. The second was insanely over the top jealous, controlling and insecure, and Housewives looking sex tonight WA Grandview 98930 a compulsive liar to boot.

That which does not kill me….

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Being pretty is not exactly escaping from handcuffs underwater. All because her parents divorced and her mom had a real hatred for men and she kinda just took that attitude towards me and made shit a nightmare. The Monster had a massive chip on shoulder due to rage at the father who abandoned her.

She was on a mission to make men suffer.

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The Brat was an Suck it girl 23 my car 23 child who had very poor impulse control, and had no inhibitions at all about throwing a tantrum in public. At Suck it girl 23 my car 23 age of She purposely acted dumb and shy. I mean I took her out for sushi and she pretended not to know what it was, then I see her post pictures later with hashtags in full on Japanese knowing her shit. Furthermore, she was telling everyone we were together even though we only had two unofficial dates.

Girls with trust issues. Unfortunately, it can be really, really difficult to detect the monster before it strikes. As for why, mainly, I find it to be an extremely unattractive trait to treat sex with strangers as a casual weekend activity and a major red flag.

Not a man, but I dated a guy that I pretty much showed me that dating rich bitches never works out. We dated a bit in college and his daddy paid for everything, including tuition, rent, food, and spending money, which he used quite liberally.

He went through like three blue ray players and got a very nice, expensive sound system and always had to have the next new toy. He was quite the little bitch. Then if he actually did something legitimately mean to me, he would Housewives seeking casual sex MO Monett 65708 to me, and then require that I comfort him so he could feel good about himself.

Everything he did was for himself and if he did something nice for me, it was only for his own benefit. The constant disparaging and belittling of me was not healthy. Every accomplishment and trait was trivialized, every word had to be carefully chosen.

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Jesus christ she went nuts fast. I dated a girl with multiple personalities. It was written Suck it girl 23 my car 23 about 6 different handwriting styles. She cheated on me every chance she could get. She would tell every guy that I beat Ladies want casual sex Mayhill New Mexico and tell me that all the other guys would beat her too and try to get us to fight it out.

So yeah… no more of that. Dated a girl immediately after my divorce last year, bad move already. Anyway, went slow for a few weeks because I insistedshe was living out of state and planned on moving to my city in about 6 months. Instead, she basically shows up at my doorstep one day with all her stuff in a car saying she already got her dream job, and just needed a place to crash for the weekend while she tirl for an apartment.