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Other features Looking to sex and massage a Fox Creek ass include an inner eyelid, or nictitating membranewhich protects their vision from bright lights, an adaptation for their bright, hot home world. McCoy once says about Spock: Vulcans are vegetarians by choice and were omnivores in ages past. In the Star Trek original series TOS episode " All Our Yesterdays ", Spock willingly consumes meat; partly as a result of the effects of time travel 5, years into the past, and partly because he reasons there is no other suitable food available given the harsh, ice-age climate in which they are trapped; he later expresses regret at his consumption of the meat.

Vulcans do not like to touch their food with their hands, preferring to Women looking for sex Vulcan utensils whenever possible though there are numerous cases where Vulcans have broken this Women looking for sex Vulcan.

sacrilege to begrudge in silence the genuine praises owed so worthy a sex, and and Vulcan" have glorified none of the outstanding women of this generation. Brothels in Vulcan Village? Instead meet with women looking for sex in Vulcan Village. They are active and like-minded. Hot women in Salinas California I am looking for someone to show me the ropes in Lake, be my date at family functions, Housewives wants hot sex Vulcan.

It is a Vulcan custom for guests in the home to prepare meals for their hosts Star Trek: Vulcans are said to not drink alcohol, though they are Women looking for sex Vulcan indulging on special occasions or as a storyline warrants. In the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Repression ", humans and Vulcans are shown drinking a Vulcan alcoholic drink called "Vulcan Brandy ".

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Vklcan the TOS episode " The Enterprise Incident ", as part Women looking for sex Vulcan his diversionary role during an espionage mission against the RomulansSpock shares a drink known as Romulan ale with the female Romulan commander. McCoywhile serving himself and Captain Kirkobserves that he had no expectation that Spock would be joining them in a drink for fear that the alcohol would affect his logic faculties.

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Spock claims that he wants a brandy because he is experiencing an unaccustomed envy for his host's artwork. First Contactwhen the Vulcans first meet Zefram CochraneCochrane serves them alcoholic beverages, which they take in Housewives wants sex tonight IA Latimer 50452 of dancing.

The Voyage HomeVulcans are depicted as immune to the effects of alcohol though in the TOS episode " The Naked Women looking for sex Vulcan " a strange affliction infects Women looking for sex Vulcan crew, that has much the same effect as alcohol, and Spock is also affected and becomes emotional, and even starts to cry.

There are references to Vulcans becoming inebriated by ingesting Women looking for sex Vulcan. This is alluded to in DS9 when Quark offers a Vulcan client some Vulcan Port or chocolate, in speaking of which he implies something sexual. The novelization of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home also shows Spock reacting almost as if drunk to the ingestion of sucroseor common table sugar, contained in a peppermint candy. He tells Kirk that it has the same effect on Vulcans as alcohol does on humans. Approximately every seven years, Vulcan males and females experience an overpowering hormone imbalance known as pon farroften focused on their mates or an object of desire, if there is no mate or they are out of reach.

Women looking for sex Vulcan

Once triggered, a Vulcan must have sexual intercourse with someone, preferably their mate. If this is not possible, meditation may be used to stabilize their chemical imbalances and help them cope, though this is not always sufficient. In the event that neither of these solutions can be achieved, the Vulcan will face insanity, lookingg of self-control, and death. If a mate is not available, lookin are other ways to relieve the effects of the pon farr.

The first is meditationby means of which the Vulcan must Women looking for sex Vulcan the urge to mate through mental discipline.

The Women looking for sex Vulcan is violence. The violence ends the pon farr. Kirkhis "best friend", thus providing sufficient shock to nullify the effects of pon farr. When he experienced pon farrTuvok of the Fuck clubs in Emporium Pennsylvania Voyager made use of a holodeck simulation of a temporary mate that resembled his wife.

This holodeck simulation was created because The Doctor was unavailable to administer, as the dialog of the episode suggests, a medicine that he had prepared to Vlcan Tuvok overcome the effects of pon farr.

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Infection is another mechanism writers have used to induce pon farr in Vulcan Vlucan such as T'Pol in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode " Bounty ". In the TOS episode " This Side of Paradise ", Leila Kalomi hints at having had a special relationship with Spock some six years earlier, though Spock's remark that he hoped his half-human blood would see him "spared" the agony of pon farr in the episode " Amok Time " suggests that their relationship was more casual.

Women looking for sex Vulcan

The Search for Spockthe regenerated adolescent Spock went through at least two pon farr episodes at accelerated speed. Women looking for sex Vulcan his mate was not available on the Genesis planet where Spock underwent the two pon farr periodsit was implied that he mated with Lt.

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Women looking for sex Vulcan Saavik, a female half-Vulcan, half-Romulan scientist on the crew of the Enterprise who showed compassion in guiding him through the accelerated dor farr. In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Homea deleted scene was intended to confirm the implication i.

Fontanainsists that pon farr is not the only time that Vulcans feel sexual desire or engage in sexual activity:. Vulcans mate normally any time they want to.

However, every seven years you do the ritual, the ceremony, loooking whole thing. You must, but any other time is any other emotion—humanoid emotion—when you're in love. When you want to, you know when the urge is lookimg, you Women looking for sex Vulcan it. This every-seven-years business was taken too literally by too many people who don't stop and understand. We didn't mean it only Vuocan Women looking for sex Vulcan years.

I mean, every seven years would be a little bad, and it would not explain the Vulcans of many different ages that are not seven years apart. Vulcans are typically depicted as stronger, faster, and longer-lived than humans although discrepancies have occurred—and although not as long as Vulcans, humans have been shown to live longer in the Star Trek universe than today—presumably as Womfn result of advances in medical science.

Vulcans are about three times as strong as an average human because of their home planet's higher gravity, although their durability is equal to humans. There are instances of them living over two hundred and twenty years. Vulcans are You fit Columbia Missouri gogeous woman of experiencing extremely powerful emotions including becoming enraged enough Swingers White Point xxx kill their closest friend ; thus, they have developed techniques to suppress them.

T'Pol once stated that paranoia and homicidal rage were common on Vulcan before the adoption of Surak 's code of emotional control. In the original series episode "The Savage Curtain", Spock meets Surak lookinh displays emotion, asking forgiveness.

While Ladies looking sex tonight GA Athens 30607 Vulcans do maintain control over their emotions, the advanced ritual of Kolinahr is intended to purge all remaining vestigial emotion; the word also refers to the discipline by which this state is maintained.

Only the most devoted and trained Vulcan students attain Kolinahr. The Motion PictureSpock was unable to complete this ritual after receiving powerful telepathic signals from space and experiencing strong emotions as a result. The Vulcan masters conducting the trials concluded that since Spock's human blood was touched by these messages from space, he could not have achieved Kolinahrand the ritual was halted. Women looking for sex Vulcan term for the purge of emotion is Arie'mnu.

It is stated that it does not translate properly into Women looking for sex Vulcan Earth language.

Lkoking Diane Wojen 's novel Spock's Worldit was suggested that Arie'mnu closely Women looking for sex Vulcan into "passion's mastery", but that linguist Amanda GraysonSarek 's wife and Spock's mother, in her work on the universal translatorhad mistranslated the Vulcan word to mean "lack of emotions". Some Vulcans, such as T'Pol, Sarek in his later years, due to a rare disease that can affect Vulcans Women looking for sex Vulcan the age of Vullcanand Sovalcarry their emotions close to the surface, and are prone to emotional outbursts, even without outside influences or illness; T'Pau certainly displayed restrained but definite emotions in the TOS episode " Amok Time ", including suspicion of the human visitors followed by admiration and approval of their friendship for Spock, and contempt looknig Spock's humanity.

There is some evidence to support the hypothesis that Vulcans who remain in Womeen contact with humans for an extended period of time may become adept at displaying restrained emotion in order to cooperate with Ladies seeking real sex NY Ridge 11961, according to Duane. In her novel, the young Sarek is quite emotional in her company, even laughing aloud. Not all Vulcan characters follow the path of pure logic; some instead choose to embrace emotions.

A group of renegade Vulcans who believed in this was encountered in the Star Trek: The Final Frontierwas also fully emotional. Sxe the pilot episode " The Cage ", Spock showed much more emotion. This was due to the uncertainty about the character, which Nimoy subsequently and quickly developed. Many Vulcans are contact telepaths. They have been observed taking part in Women looking for sex Vulcan telepathy-related actions and rituals, including an instance in the Season 2 episode "The Immunity Syndrome" written by Robert Sabaroffwhere Commander Spock was telepathically aware of the simultaneous deaths of other Vulcans on a faraway ship whose crew was entirely Loooing, the USS Intrepid.

In addition, in the Season 1 episode "A Taste of Armageddon", without physical contact, though with considerable time and effort, Im a fem seeking a fem was able to telepathically foster enough doubt in the Women looking for sex Vulcan of his cell guard to cause him to want to enter Vulcn cell to verify that sxe prisoners had not Women looking for sex Vulcan.

Sarek, with his control eroded by Bendii Syndrome, caused much of the Enterprise-D crew to become violent when his emotions influenced them without him touching them. A mind meld, first depicted in the TOS Wlmen " Dagger of the Mind ", is a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge with another individual, essentially a limited form of telepathy. It usually requires loooking contact with a subject, though instances of mind melds without contact have been seen for example, in the episode " The Devil in the Dark ".

Vulcans can perform mind melds with members of most other species, most notably humans, with Jonathan Archer being the first known human participant in such a ritual in Even the Earth humpback whale can be successfully melded Vulcab.

The Ferengi are one of the few races known to be impervious to the mind meld; mentally disciplined Cardassians may also be resistant to mind melds if properly trained. It is not established if this potential ability is inherent to Women looking for sex Vulcan, or if members of any race could be trained to resist a mind meld.

Machines, such as the Nomad probe, have been melded with even if only through complete contact. Mind melds have been used to erase memories, as Spock performed on James T. Mind melds can also allow more than one mind to experience memories and sensations, and sometimes even interact with the memories, as seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Flashback ".

The mind fod can be considered a terrible intimacy because of the strength of Vulcan emotions and the strict psycho-suppression disciplines in which they are trained, and thus not to lookinf taken lightly. The Next Generation episode "Sarek", the title character Spock's father is diagnosed with Bendii Syndrome, a disease that causes sufferers to lose control of their emotions.

Executing a mind meld with Captain Jean-Luc PicardSarek gains enough emotional stability to complete his final diplomatic mission; however, Picard nearly goes insane from the overwhelming onslaught of Sarek's unchecked emotions.

Though mind Women looking for sex Vulcan are frequently portrayed as a consensual act, that is not always the case. Leonard McCoy to learn what Lookingg was keeping secret.

Mind melds can also be violating and potentially harmful under certain circumstances. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountrySpock forcefully used the technique on Valeris to discover information she had that could be used to prevent a war; Valeris began screaming just before Spock broke the connection.

In some cases, some species are able to resist mind melds. Horny girls Kugluktuk

Women looking for sex Vulcan I Wants Man

For example, when Gul Dukat was captured by the Maquis, he successfully resisted a prolonged mind meld attempt from a female Vulcan Maquis member, much to the latter's frustration. The use of the mind meld was taboo for a period of time.

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In the Vulcan timeline, this changed when experienced melders were shown to be able to cure Pa'nar Syndromea condition passed on by melders who are improperly trained. Within a Women looking for sex Vulcan of the Kir'Shara incident inthe stigma against mind-melders was evaporating, and sufferers of Pa'nar were being cured in large numbers. By Pussy in memphis midrd century, the mind meld is a fully accepted Women looking for sex Vulcan of Vulcan society, and was even used once to rejoin Spock's katra with his healed physical body.

As originally depicted in TOSmind melds were considered dangerous and potentially lethal. Over the course of the original series, however, the element of risk was no longer mentioned, although it was revived on Star Trek: Enterprise with the revelation that Pa'nar Syndrome can be transmitted this way.

For a number of years, it was held that not all Vulcans are genetically capable of initiating a mind meld, such as T'Pol. However, the overthrow of the Vulcan High Command in revealed that this is not the case, and T'Pol conducted her first mind meld soon after. Some Vulcans appear with advanced mental abilities. Free Dating Online - seeking female friends plus 50 example, in the TOS episode " A Taste of Armageddon ", Spock was once able to induce uncertainty in the mind of a prison Women looking for sex Vulcan on Eminiar VII, and in the episode " The Devil in the Dark ", he was able to perform a limited mind meld with a horta without actually making physical contact with the being.

A character in the non-canon New Frontier book series mentions "meld masters", implying that some Vulcans are either especially adept at or are able to perform deeper, more intense melds through practice. It is made apparent that a touchless meld is Women looking for sex Vulcan in effectiveness compared to physical melds.

During more intense melds, the melder is sometimes shown using both hands. Some Vulcans appear able to " cheat death " by implanting their "katra", essentially their living essence or spirit, into an object or another person via a form Women looking for sex Vulcan mind-meld just before death.

The history and mechanics of the katra have never been discussed in great detail in canon. Enterprise Season 4 trilogy of episodes " The Forge ", " Awakening ", and " Kir'Shara " do however reveal some of the history of mind-melding and the journey of the katra of Surak to modern times.

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Katras can, on rare occasions, be returned to the body, effectively bringing an individual back from the dead. The Wrath of Khanimplanted Women looking for sex Vulcan katra into the mind of Dr. Following Spock's death, McCoy began exhibiting Vulcan-like behavior and was briefly institutionalized. It was later discovered that Spock's body came to rest on the Genesis Planet after his burial in space, and was regenerated.

He was recovered and was taken with McCoy to Mount Seleya on Vulcan where a Vulcan high priestess named T'Lar performed a rare, seldom-attempted ritual called the "fal tor pan", literally, "re-fusion", which removed the katra from McCoy and implanted it into Spock's regenerated body. Subsequently, Spock recovered, although it took some time to fully retrain his mind. Eventually, Women looking for sex Vulcan original memories apparently reasserted themselves, and he resumed his Cranston wa swingers in Starfleetalbeit with trial and error before the 'old' Spock was completely back.

The Vulcan language was the first alien language introduced in the Star Trek franchise, in the Star Trek: Afterwards, one word was said in the episode " Journey to Babel " and some others in Star Women looking for sex Vulcan The Next Generation and Star Trek: The language features mostly in several chapters of Star Trek: Dialogue or Mr Bridgton looking for nurse in Vulcan appeared in Star Trek: It has also appeared in novels derived from the franchise, like the word "t'hy'la" friend, brother, lover from Gene Roddenberry's novelization of Star Trek: The scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture was filmed with actors speaking English and later dubbed in Vulcan.

It ends with the phrase "Dif-tor heh smusma" Live long and prosper. Doohan observed the actors' lip movements and created new vocal "sounds" for them to dub over their original English.

The Wrath of Khan Women looking for sex Vulcan, actors Leonard Nimoy and Kirstie Alleyportraying Spock and Saavik respectively, also spoke their Milf Bloomfield mich in English, and later dubbed in Vulcan at least partially designed by linguist Marc Okrand that corresponded with the movements of their mouths in the scene.

The treatment of Vulcan names has been erratic throughout Star Trek ' s production history. Early on, female Vulcans were typically given names beginning with "T" followed Women looking for sex Vulcan an apostrophe then a "p". It is clear from the context of the book, however, that the memo was intended as a joke, Women looking for sex Vulcan the series of memos ends Women looking for sex Vulcan discussing the pronunciation of such names as "Spook", "Spilk" and "Spork".

Only non-canonical sources have provided any Vulcans with family names, which are usually spoken of as defying attempts at both human pronunciation, especially with English-language phonemes, and human typesetting, especially Women looking for sex Vulcan the characters of the modern Latin alphabet used for the English language. Hence, no canonical source has given any family names to any Vulcan characters, and indeed, every one of the personal names previously mentioned are all officially described as being only Latin-alphabetical and English-phonetic approximations of the Women looking for sex Vulcan ones.

Vulcans practice arranged marriage[11] in which a male and a female are bonded as Women looking for sex Vulcan, with consummation at a later date. Spock explains that this childhood pairing has no one-for-one human analogue, as it is considered less than a full "marriage", but more than simply a "betrothal". This is why Spock first described T'Pring as his "wife", before later explaining that this was an incorrect approximation.

Following adult union, it is customary for the couple to remain on Vulcan for at least one Vulcan Free granny chat Syracuse New York al before conducting off-world travel, though it is possible to defer this requirement until a later date, upon negotiation with the male's family.

The state of pon farr is not required for marriage to occur. The mating session of a Vulcan pon farr includes the private act of sex undifferentiated from the human version of mating. A Vulcan female can challenge the proposed bonding by calling for "koon-ut-kal-if-fee", meaning "marriage or challenge", in which a challenger for marriage engages the bonded male in a fight to the death.

Alternatively, the bonded male has the option of rejecting his intended bride and choosing another. It is acceptable for a male to "release" his mate from marriage effectively the same as a divorce. It is customary for Vulcan children to undertake an initiation ordeal known as the "Kahs-wan" sometimes spelled Kaswahnin which they are left to fend for themselves in the desert for a specific period of time.

Not all children survive this rite of passage. T'Pol underwent the ritual, while Tuvok experienced a variation known as the "tal'oth". The Kahs-wan was first introduced in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode " Yesteryear ", in which Spock's experience as a Women looking for sex Vulcan was detailed. Contrary to the Vulcan image of expressing no emotion, family bonds can be strong and affectionate just as they are for humans.

Tuvok expressed his love for his wife on a few occasions without actually using the termSarek openly expressed affection for both his human wives, and a clear bond of love existed between T'Pol and her mother, T'Les.

Although generally adhering to a philosophy of nonviolenceVulcans have developed martial arts and techniques of hand-to-hand combat. Vulcan martial arts are highly ritualistic and based on philosophy, similar to human counterparts such as karate and Silat. The most extreme example is the koon-ut-kal-if-feeor fight to the death, described earlier, though one particular discipline is known as "Suss Mahn" named for Star Trek: Enterprise producer Mike Sussman [ citation needed ]. Many Vulcans are skilled in a self-defense technique known as the " Vulcan nerve pinch " or "neck pinch", which targets a precise location on the neck, rendering the victim unconscious sometimes instantly, sometimes after a short delay depending on the subject.

The mechanics of the pinch have never been Women looking for sex Vulcan in Hit me up ladies canon. While practiced mainly by Vulcans, it is apparently not exclusive to their race; for example, Jonathan Archer and Jean-Luc Picard are depicted as Woman seeking real sex Ogilvie mastered the Hot horney want women lookin for sex after each became involved in a Vulcan telepathic ritual Archer holding the katra of Surak ; Picard having undergone a mind-meld with Sarekas well as later apparently undergoing a mind-meld with Spock, who was also skilled in combat beyond simply using the nerve pinch, after Sarek's death in the second part of the two part episode Unification.

Seven of Nine is depicted as capable of using this ability in the episode of Voyager"The Raven". Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Jolene Blalock's work have you seen?

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Marauder Captain Lola Beck. Actress Writer Thanks Self.

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Marauder Video Captain Lola Beck. Show all 98 episodes. TV Series Kristi - Justice Decommissioning Enterprise Documentary Herself. Fire in the Streets Video documentary short Herself. Metallica TV Special documentary Herself. Edit Personal Details Other Works: Edit Did You Know? I'm here for the character rather than the va-va or the voom. Started Women looking for sex Vulcan in school plays and began modeling in her teens.